Tyler The Creator Wins Best New Artist, Says Bruno Mars Sucks

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"I wanna ***** thank everyone *****. I've been dreaming about this **** since I was 9! I just wanna ***! I can't *** & ****." - Tyler, The Creator.

Tyler The Creator was among the MTV VMA winners Sunday, but a slam of Bruno Mars and expletive-laden acceptance speech drew more buzz.

Fortunately, he won't be killing himself. We think.

During the pre-show, when Tyler realized he was at the bottom of MTV's Tweet Tracker and Bruno Mars was up top, he told MTV host Sway that Mars' music "sucked" and if he lost the Best New Artist award to Mars, "I might kill myself."

He did not. Tyler The Creator won for "Yonkers" (below). Did he deserve it?

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Tyler is the best no matter wat hater s say he deserved that award no dout and mars does SUCK!!


tyler the creator and his group are only a breath of fresh air to hip hop if you dont actually listen to the genre. tyler the creator sucks and all of his fans are fucking idiots


Tyler isn't a great lyricist but him and his whole squad is a breath of fresh air to hip hop. While everyone is sayin and doing the same thing they are doing something different. As far as dissin bruno mars, i love it, there ain't enough good old fasion beefin going on. So much love to ofwgkta!!! GOLF WANG FAH Q HATERS!!!!


There was no place to vote for Bruno Mars on the VMA BNA web voting site. The Bruno Mars tribute song to Amy was the only VMA 2011 PERFORMANCE worth watching. The Jo Calderone spoof was a bore,however did enjoy the physical grace Chris Brown's lip synching aerial art.


So disrespectful. I mean if you dont like someone's music then dont listen to it. You dont have to insult them. Such a shitbag.


I agree with you @elena, he didnt have to say none of that shit that came from his mouth.


I don't care about any of them,but the way he was being judgemental,rude and bitchy makes me think that he should have LOST it and killed himself.Attention seeking moron.