Tyler The Creator Wins Best New Artist, Says Bruno Mars Sucks

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"I wanna ***** thank everyone *****. I've been dreaming about this **** since I was 9! I just wanna ***! I can't *** & ****." - Tyler, The Creator.

Tyler The Creator was among the MTV VMA winners Sunday, but a slam of Bruno Mars and expletive-laden acceptance speech drew more buzz.

Fortunately, he won't be killing himself. We think.

During the pre-show, when Tyler realized he was at the bottom of MTV's Tweet Tracker and Bruno Mars was up top, he told MTV host Sway that Mars' music "sucked" and if he lost the Best New Artist award to Mars, "I might kill myself."

He did not. Tyler The Creator won for "Yonkers" (below). Did he deserve it?

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Tyler N All O'You Haters Can FUCK URSELVES k? Bruno is the best no matter what you bitches say besides who the fuck is this person Timon is right i didn't know he existed till the damn VMA's so u haters can suck it!!!!!


GOLF WANG. oh and to all you dumbasses that says he auto tunes, your are stupid and should be cut up. Tyler speak truth about life he sees. He IS the most creative artist today. And if you listened to him instead of hearing the first 30 seconds of his song, you'd learn. But its fine, im pretty sure you faggots don't have left brain. GOLF WANG


they both suck dick


Bruno mars sucks his music is weak but on the other hand tyler the creator sucks too i didn't even know who da fuk dat ni99a was til da VMAs and all that voice changin and autotuning is garbage and dont make his music sound any better


bruno mars is awful


Bruno Mars DOES suck as an artist. And so do those of you who like his stupid ass songs.


Who the fuck is this Tyler anyway... He sucks. Bruno has an amazing voice and is gorgeous! And don't forget his sense of humour!


No one isnt saying he has no talent, which he do have good music. But dont put nobody else down just because u have a little change in ur pocket.


this fella is redonkeylous. His music is aweful and his music will be overwith by next year.Oh what has happened to the music of today?


I'm sorry the lot of you your all arses,Bruno's music, inspired me to be who I am, he taught me that if you love some one so much, then never give up on them, he's my role model I'd love to be like him, his music is my life, he's my life.. haters can smd seriously you think that slaggin him of is guna offend him NO. Your one small person in this word, Bruno Mars&all his Hooligans will stand before you all, and say Bruno's our world, he don't go round slaggin other singers off, cos he's not pathetic.