Tyler The Creator Wins Best New Artist, Says Bruno Mars Sucks

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"I wanna ***** thank everyone *****. I've been dreaming about this **** since I was 9! I just wanna ***! I can't *** & ****." - Tyler, The Creator.

Tyler The Creator was among the MTV VMA winners Sunday, but a slam of Bruno Mars and expletive-laden acceptance speech drew more buzz.

Fortunately, he won't be killing himself. We think.

During the pre-show, when Tyler realized he was at the bottom of MTV's Tweet Tracker and Bruno Mars was up top, he told MTV host Sway that Mars' music "sucked" and if he lost the Best New Artist award to Mars, "I might kill myself."

He did not. Tyler The Creator won for "Yonkers" (below). Did he deserve it?

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Personally I don't enjoy Tyler's music, but as for Bruno I'm a huge fan. Some of his songs might sound lyrically terrible to some ( we all have or opinions) but to me they mean something! Ithink he's incredibly talented, and for the most part seems like a pretty nice guy.


Bruno's defenders aren't using real English and don't have anything relevant to say, kind of like Bruno himself. His voice is amazing but his songwriter can't be older than 14. Bruno sold out for more money. Remember how his style changed completely after getting on the radio by riding B.o.B.'s success? Tyler's lyrics are garbage too but he knows it. He knows he's a crude, ugly asshole and he is gaining so much popularity from all the haters. By the time Bruno finds an intelligent and creative songwriter he will just be "that guy who sung with B.o.B." Record contracts mean you have potential, nothing more. Bruno has captured the googly-eyed beaner women demographic and he will be milking it for a few more months. I am not saying Tyler will ever be popular, but at least his lyrics weren't prizes in a Cracker Jack box.

@ BrunoSoldOut

Bruno mars music is terrible compared to Tylers music and if it's terrible how did he win best new artist dumbass


Clearly both of them are superior in their own ways ..


rofl i love all u pathetic little faggots defending bruno mars. My opinion? He fucking blows. Just because somebody gets a recording contract doesn't mean they are suddenly the worlds biggest talent. anybody can fucking get a recording contract these days. he has an right to have his own opinion about mars, so idk why u all think tyler is a fucking asshole just because he doesnt like the same shitty music that you enjoy. It just his opinion, fuck off.


btw to tyler the creator . Bruno Mars is 100000000000000000x betta than u will ever be in ur entire life nd y say some shit like that . u juss sayin that to make yo bitch ass seem cool but u not . nd btw u one ugly motherf**** bruno is a sexy motherf***** .


fuck all u bitches who say bruno mars suck . he got more talent in his left pinky toe then u do in yo wholebody . now back the fuck off . BITCHESZ !!!


Okay why would tylor say that about Bruno Does he even know bruno Just Because bruno doesnt do rap music doesnt mean he sucks I dont even know tylor Never even heard of him I never even heard his music Im not hating on tylor as i dont know him All i know is he does rap




lol coming here after more than a year and yes I was right that award was the only award the tyler guy got while look at what bruno has accomplished named the best selling male artist WW of 2011 no one can touch him now millions of fans on facebook and millions of followers on twitter and still going not slowing down at all


fuck yo asshole tyler wizzy... u suck u kno wat bruno is far better than u jerk