Two and a Half Men Update: Ashton on Set, Charlie in the Ground

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Never before have so many people been so curious about the season premiere of an unoriginal, unfunny comedy.

But Two and a Half Men returns to CBS on September 19 and here is what we know about the first, Charlie Sheen-less episode it airs:

Ashton Kutcher on Two and a Half Men Set
  • Sheen's Harper will be killed off.
  • The cause of death? Viewers will learn he married, and then cheated on, Rose. At the character's funeral, she'll pretty much admit to pushing him off a train platform.
  • Season premiere guest stars will include Jenny McCarthy and John Stamos.
  • Ashton Kutcher will portray a billionaire named Walden Schmidt, one of several people who stop by to consider purchasing Charlie's house.

Will you watch the Two and a Half Men premiere?

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I would like to see Sheen back in action...


i really hate ashton his not an actor like charlie.


I think Aston is refreshing. I really got tired of Charlie's drinking and womenizing. It was ok for a while but really got tired of him and his mother.


I love ashton kutcher, i think he's hilarious. He'll be a great addition to this show. I can't wait for the premiere this monday.


I dont know if the show can work without sheen, he was the star, I really hate ashton, maybe if thay got a more rugged actor it could work...................................................


I'll love this show with or without Charlie.


I am glad Sheen did not hold the show hostage. Although I have always enjoyed Sheen's work, I feel his drug/alcohol use warped his mind. The comedy is a great escape for me.

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