Track and Britta Palin Welcome First Child!

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Sarah Palin is a grandmother again.

This time, it's her eldest son, Track Palin, and his wife Britta who welcomed their first child! Reporter Joe McGinniss, who is writing a book on the former vice presidential candidate, confirmed the news late yesterday.

Track and Britta had a baby girl named Kyla Grace Palin on Sunday night.

Track Palin and Britta Hanson

In May, it was announced that high school sweethearts Track Palin and Britta Hanson had tied the knot. The family never officially confirmed the pregnancy.

Britta was once roommates with Track's younger sister, Bristol Palin, in Anchorage. Bristol welcomed her son, Tripp, around two and a half years ago now.

Track's wife served as an executive secretary in the governor's office at one point, and she is currently a nursing student at the University of Alaska.

Track Palin, the eldest of Sarah and Todd Palin's five kids, is an Army Reservist, and has said he plans to study at the University of Alaska as well.

That will wait until after the commercial fishing season ends, however.

Track's name has been in the news for other reasons recently, after Mercede Johnston, sister of Bristol's ex-fiance Levi Johnston, claimed in an interview that Sarah made him join the Army because of his drug abuse.

Who knows if that's true. Congratulations to the couple on the most joyous of occasions, the birth of their beautiful baby daughter, in any event!


Anyone know if Track and Britta are still together? did they ever get married or was that just a story that Sarah sold to the tabloids? We know that Sarah was spinning one when she said that Bristol was going to broadcasting school in Arizona; when she said that Willow was attending beauty college; when she said that Track was attending college as soon as the fishing season was over and when she went crazy because the media suggested that maybe Britta was getting married because she was pregnant. Cannot figure out if Sarah believes her own lies -- or whether she thinks Americans are too dumb to know that she is lying. Sounds like Track is embarrassed by $arah and Bristol's greed and constant need for attention and we can only hope that Britta and her parents will act like the parents that he never had. Sarah and Todd never should have had ANY kids.


PS you can see what a fine job she did raising Bristol! For the most part.drove her away..To Cali!


Whooo a shot gun wedding! Just in time LOL! More from the "perfect" Palin Family! Of Christian values! The likes of Ms.nver can do wrong no doubt drove Track to drug abuse! The military? Perfect place to score drugs! Look at the all the discharged addicts from Vietnam to Afghanistan! Just truth not hypocracy!! Like Saintly Sarah LOL!


I researched the question of who "High Speed Universities" admits, their retention rates, and graduates, and I have to say that a school that is just looking for enrollment, would not hold these types of numbers. You can research this information yourself.


Ahhhh, all part of the lame stream media (aka anything printed by the Hollywood elite) to add the bit about Track going to the Army because of his (sniff) drug what...we don't even care if it's not true...print it...what a bunch of douch bags in Hollywood.

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