Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau: Too Young to Model?

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Sorry for ever questioning your racy spreads, Kendall Jenner. Compare to Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau, you're a senior citizen!


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    I think that it isn't wrong for a 10 year old to model ! but the clothes and makeup and poses make thylane look too old ! So I think in this case that its the wrong thing to do this to a child who is 10


    Sorry these poses are too adult for a child period! Playing fun dress up is one thing and done in innocent manner with friends nothing sultry or seductive! This is. Pose that oozes in sexual allure. Remember Brooke Shields in the 80s? Same thing inappropriate. Child modeling should be age appropriate like back-to-school clothes for example.not future playmate of the month!


    I know a lot of people see this as innapropriate but she was asked to play dress up by the magazine and take a few pictures. It would be seen as fun to her, like dressing up in mommy's clothes. It's not like they strapped her into the chair and forced her to dress and do her make-up this way. It was just a little fun. Stop taking it all so seriously, it's not sexualising children for christs sake. Suddenly children can't look good anymore, they have to play plain jane? Experimenting like this is, with make-up and clothes, is perfectly normal as you grow up. I know everyone says it's stealing their childhood but it's not, if they enjoy it and have fun with it, it's perfectly normal. It's just a part of letting the develop and be opened up to new things in the world.


    I agree old navy!


    Shes` cute! as long as they still know Shes` a child and nothing to drastic! I dont see anything wrong with it!


    Just because u have a Pretty Child doesn't mean u should allow or encourage them(for any reason) to strap on High Heels,Make Up,and Racy Dresses for any photo or to impress the public~ Kids need to be Kids!!
    There's SOOOO MUCH CRAZY stuff going on in our world 2day! PROTECT
    YOUR CHILDREN! They grow up so fast anyway,God bless all children


    Uh..."PearTree," I have NEVER heard of anyone getting "upset" over a LITTLE GIRL being "too covered up." Other than PEDOPHILES.


    She isn't too young to model, she should be modeling for Old Navy and Children's Place not VOUGE in such an 'adult' pose.


    I'm not sure if that girl nows where she gets in, beacause ALL OF THOSE photos are like adult pictures! I feel sorry for her, but I hope that she's enjoying her time!


    i see nothing wrong, its high fashion! High fashion!!! There is no winning in this career. People get mad if they are in little clothes & then when they are covered up they still get upset. Its high fashion, i dont see anything wrong.

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