This is Really Sinead O'Connor

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Irish singer Sinead O'Connor sang at a music festival in her native country recently, looking nothing like the last time she was in the public eye.

Performing as a backup singer at a summer music festival in Bray, Ireland, over the weekend, Sinead turned heads with a remarkably different look.

To those familiar with her, the contrast is striking:

Sinead O'Connor Picture

The "Nothing Compares 2 U" singer, 44, appeared at the Bray Seaside Festival, where she was photographed supporting reggae artist Natty Wailer.

She donned glasses, at times, and a short, choppy hairstyle, with no sign of the signature shaved head she sported at the height of her '90s popularity.

O'Connor is currently on tour in Europe, so expect more sightings like this one in the future. She released her latest album, Throw Down Your Arms, in 2005.


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I think that she looks good!

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