THG Asks: Will Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' Marriage Last?

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Today, THG Asks: Will Kim Kardashian's marriage last?

YES by Free Britney

Kim Kardashian's wedding was scripted nonsense. We know this.

That is merely who Kim Kardashian is, though: A bland, better-than-average looking chick makes a living from her celeb status despite being expressionless as drywall and devoid of talent.

Nowhere in that job description does she have to be incapable of love.

I'll be the first to ridicule Kim's shameless attempt to kash in on anything. When I read that Kris Humphries' family was appalled at the spectacle of the wedding, I wasn't the least but surprised. But that's precisely why it WILL last.

No one would marry Kim Kardashian for her fame (and become a joke in the process). He's got his own money (and she's got a prenup). He's in it for the only reason anybody could possibly put up with this 24/7/365 charade: Kim's heart.

Congrats. Bring on the sex tape.

Kim Kardashian Wedding Pic

A moment Kim and Kris will never forget ... thanks to E!

NO CHANCE by Hilton Hater

There's no way Kim Kardashian's marriage to Kris Humphries will last. Here's why:

The power forward is a free agent. Coming off a career season, it's unlikely New Jersey (his previous employer) will match his contract demands.

Neither will any other team in a major market.

The Los Angeles Lakers have plenty of size; the Knicks are keeping their salary cap options open for Chris Paul or Dwight Howard; Miami is enough of a circus without employing Humphries in the same city that is now also home to Reggie Bush; Blake Griffin plays the same position for the Clippers.

I foresee Humphries going someplace like Houston, or maybe Utah. And, come on, you can't honestly say Kim Kardashian will stay with a man who lives outside an entertainment news hot spot. It's unlikely Star Magazine could even find Salt Lake City on a map.

Indeed, at some point, the NBA lockout will end and, with it, so will this farce of a marriage. And we all know what that means: a divorce special on E!

THG Asks you ... will it last?


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Why wasn't Kris family recognized more at the wedding? They were ovelooked big time. This wasn't right at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


I love to follow a good romance. All this negative talk is ruining my buz.
I do have to admit however i see them both under so much pressure. They have to find time to do some heart and soul talking. Good luck with that. Marriage is work.


I totally agree with Disgusted. So many vicious people writing vicious comments.


Do any of you know this family? You are the disgusting ones. Why would you want to say all of this crap about anyone? I hope this family never reads what people say about them. If they do, I'm sure they are smart enough to not pay it any mind.


I agree with you cyndy. I honestly think Kim desperatley wanted to marry period even if it meant not marrying a black man. As for Kris money talks!!!


hope this marriage works, but i think a part of her heart remains with reggie bush, she was hooked on getting married, and starting a family. kris will leave her first , the cameras will will be overwelming for him down the road.Plus he is too young for marriage.... next time he will marry for real love, she is way to materilistic for him


Her name is KHLOE. you rude ass


Her real name is Chubbacca!!


How do you know he is retarded? And her name is Khloe not King Kong .....Rude!!!!


I just neeed to know, is Kris retarded? He sur does look like one and behave as well. I don't know, they are still good match