The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: A Season 3 Primer

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When we said goodbye to Mystic Falls in May, Stefan had joined up with Klaus; Jeremy's ex-girlfriends had returned as ghosts; and Damon had been looking really sexy.

So, where will everything stand on the September 15 premiere? Our friends at TV Fanatic have posted a number of The Vampire Diaries spoilers to get fans prepared for a new season. Among them:

  • Stefan is globe-trotting and committing many murders with Klaus.
  • Elena is turning 18.
  • Caroline and Tyler are figuring out their relationship.
  • Alaric is grieving the death of Jenna and trying to act as a father to her niece and nephew.
  • Damon? He's still looking really sexy.

Are you a fan of The Vampire Diaries? Which blood sucker-based franchise do you like best?

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I can wait 2 watch season 3 pls be quick 4m nigeria


if thr z gona b alot of lv drama 4 damon n elena then ts gona b gr8


dont u mean damon is still an ass?i like damon dont get me wrong but his at his best when his not pining 4 his bro's gal if he take a break from dat then it's gonna be a great season




Pls i can't wait to watch the season three of vampire dries.pls be fast about it


Either that video is wrong or canada has already seen this! :s