The Salahis Look to Become Parents, World Cowers in Fear

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Michaele and Tareq Salahi - a couple who makes the Kardashians look adverse to publicity - are hoping to become parents.

The former Real Housewives of D.C. stars were spotted last week at the Northern Virginia Center for Surrogate Parenting, as Michaele tells TMZ she fears a natural child would be diagnosed with the same condition from which she suffers, multiple sclerosis.

The Salahis in DC

"I'm overjoyed with the hope of starting a family and the blessingof loveand peace a child will bring to our lives," Salahi said.

The reality star added that a fake charity would soon be set up in her future baby's name, with all profits going directly into her and her husband's pockets.



A background and credit check alone should be enough to disallow these grifters from adopting. They are always a step away from prison and are pathological liars. Example: The Anthony's and that
ended in the death of a beautiful baby girl. Any agency seriously
considering giving them a child should be shut down, period. You
might as well let a pedophile adopt, These people will do and say
anything to stay relevant. The media needs to stop reporting about
them. Their 15 minutes have been up a long time ago.


Mary, I agree with all you said. I would say she does not have MS. i have noted she is excessively anxious. Who knows what she's doing.


I feel sorry for the kid that there going to bring into this world. Parents who are known as compulsive liars, scammers & attention seekers. Does she even has ms or is that another lie?

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