The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion Recap, Part 2: Let the Tears and Pinot Flow

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It's part two of The Real Housewives of New York City reunion and for the last time this season, The Hollywood Gossip is ready to recap the insults, the backstabbing and the bickering in our +/- review. Here goes:

The never-ending bickering continued last night. We started off at a Minus 5 because these women couldn't seem to stop talking over one another.

After Part 1 of the reunion, Andy even mentioned that three people don't have to talk at once to get a point across. The ladies weren't listening.

Tears Flowin'

Ramona tried to explain that the reason she didn't want to be in Luann's music video was because it was so public it would embarrass Avery. I didn't begrudge Ramona the decision not to be in the video but that explanation seemed pretty lame when she's on a reality show. Minus 3. The entire season was public fodder and embarrassing Avery rarely seemed a huge concern.

It was hard to figure out if Alex jumped into every conversation or if everyone wanted to beat up on Alex. She was certainly asking for a smack down when she told the brunettes that associating with them was a liability to her social standing.

Overall I would have been happiest if someone could have made Alex shut up. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. Minus 5.

At least Luann admitted that she insults people. Plus 7. Although she said she does it in the nicest way possible. I'm not sure how nice Alex felt Luann was when she told her she had Herman Munster shoes.

Alex got upset with Luann meddling. Oh honey, please. Minus 5 for whining. You're all meddlers. None of you can seem to help yourselves.

Which led us to the great debate about whether Jill has changed this season. Were they kidding? Jill's a gossip at heart. She couldn't help but meddle. It's practically a part of her DNA.

But Ramona agreed that she thought Jill was truly trying. Plus 8 for giving her pseudo friend the benefit of the doubt.

So, is Ramona an alcoholic? Everybody got into the act on this one. The brunettes thought she had a drinking problem while the blondes defended Ramona's pursuit for more Pinot.

Ramona kept insisting that it was only wine. It's not the hard stuff but it's still alcohol so Minus 5. Ramona didn't care what anyone thought. She was enjoying herself and selling her newest product. Plus 7 for doing everything possible to market her Ramona Pinot Grigio. Hopefully it makes enough to pay for that designated driver.

Reunion Hijinks

We didn't hear much from Cindy tonight so Plus 8 for small favors but she did call the blondes chicken heads who quack like ducks. Creative if nothing else.

Ramona apologized for using the word deformity when describing Jill's step-daughter and Jill accepted. Plus 10 for occasionally acting like adults.

Kelly was almost as bad as Alex tonight. Not quite, but close. She made fun of Alex's modeling and acting and told Ramona she had lousy wine. But what annoyed me was that she kept talking over other people. Minus 6.

I had to agree with Luann. Alex had a problem with the word class but not with Simon using the word count minus the o. Wow. Talk about standards. Minus 10.

And I'm sorry but Simon was freakishly weird this season, not unlike the previous ones. He dressed strange. He acted strange and his "watch out" comment to Jill was somewhere between childish and just plain wrong. Minus 10.

Random bits of useless knowledge learned tonight:

  • Alex rarely wears a bra. Plus 5.
  • Cindy's nanny sleeps with her. Plus 7, although to be fair I'm pretty sure she simply meant she has a live-in nanny.
  • Luann is older than Jacques. Minus 2 because does anyone really care. 
  • There may be more brunettes but the blondes yell much louder. Minus 5.

Plus 15 to Andy. I loved that I could hear his beleaguered sighs above the cacophony of bickering. I knew exactly how he felt. By the time this show was over, I had a killer headache. 


I'm hoping the aspirin kicks in soon.


Sorry, Calvin, but I use only one 'nom de plume'.


The same 20 people keep posting everywhere with different names, too funny. The hateful, bitchy blonds have ruined the show. Ramona is so ridiculous and childish and Alex is a leech. After this season, I'm Team Brunette all the way. I wish they'd spin off their own show. Ramona can film with phony Alex and and they would be pulling each others hair out within a week.


OMG, the brunette couch bunch are such a group of mean, back-biting, immature "women"!! At times over the past seasons I have had a problem liking Ramona, Sonja, and yes, Alex, but gosh, those other gals are just awful!!! Kelly is a lunatic, Cindy is just strange, LouAnn is not nearly as "Classy" as she would like to think (marriage does not make you anything, and who cares that he's a count of whatever!} and Jill is just as mean as she was last season with Bethany!! She and LouAnn will never change and Kelly's just a lost cause....Cindy, not so good on the show


TEAM BLONDE!!!!!! I am not even a blonde and i HATE the brunnettes!!!!! they think they are so much better than everyone else and they can act rude and bitchy but no one else can!!! ugh!


Jacques wouldn't care if the dis-count-ess was 110 in the shade, he's a gigolo pure & simple. All he cares about is getting his smarmy face on the tube. Frankly, he makes my skin crawl, almost as much as Simon the Weird. And to watch Lu-Lu cozy up to him is nauseating. As the pseudo-noble authority on etiquette she should know that you don't make out in public.


Get rid of the brunettes! They're cringe-worthy to watch. Louann can't sing & those old broads in the "music video" was laughable. How embarassing! Bethenny was the only credible brunette & she got out! And who is she still friends with - Alex and Ramona. That says a lot & I think the other old ladies are jealous. And Jacques would dump Lou-Lou is she wasn't "famous". He looks young enough to be her son & what's with his hyena bark anyway? Lou looked pathetic having a 1 yr anniversary party for him. Smart chicks let the guys do that stuff first.


Jill and Luann acted like petty 10 year olds. They embarassed themselves with the poking, mocking and clowning around. And what adult woman says constantly ..."you're not my friend"...or..."we can't be friends anymore"... that "friend" talk is very pre-adolescent. While Jill & Lu acted like young idiots, Kelly continued her ride on the crazy train with Cindy coming along for the ride. I can't follow Kelly's "trains" of thought for more than 1/2 second.
Are these women so poor that this paycheck is worth publically embarassing yourself? OMG - and they pretend to be "socialites"! NO NYC top social circle would have any of the brunettes.


Kelly is the weird one, LuAnn has no class, Jill has definately not become nice. I can't stand to watch how poorly they treat others. Grow up teenagers act better than that!!!


I used to enjoy this show, now it is annoying trying to watch it because they talk over each other in any circumstance they are in. I agree with Cara, LuAnn, Kelly and Cindy and Jill are the most annoying backstabbers. What kind of job does Kelly have anyway for her to be so finger pointing. Don't know if I will watch new season, it has become tiresome to watch the constant bickering.


LuAnn, Jill and Kelly should be ashamed of themselves, they that sat on that couch and interrupted and talked like mean girls. LuAnn kept telling everyone to be quiet, she should of taken her own advice, honestly she was probably the most annoying besides Jill. Jill sounds like a yapping dog and criticizes the blonds left and right for the behavior but she doesn't see it any herself. I agree with Cara, dump LuAnn, Jill and Kelly. And by the way Kelly still doesn't make sense this season either, really........stop talking or as she would say "your acting weird."

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