The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion Recap, Part 2: Let the Tears and Pinot Flow

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It's part two of The Real Housewives of New York City reunion and for the last time this season, The Hollywood Gossip is ready to recap the insults, the backstabbing and the bickering in our +/- review. Here goes:

The never-ending bickering continued last night. We started off at a Minus 5 because these women couldn't seem to stop talking over one another.

After Part 1 of the reunion, Andy even mentioned that three people don't have to talk at once to get a point across. The ladies weren't listening.

Tears Flowin'

Ramona tried to explain that the reason she didn't want to be in Luann's music video was because it was so public it would embarrass Avery. I didn't begrudge Ramona the decision not to be in the video but that explanation seemed pretty lame when she's on a reality show. Minus 3. The entire season was public fodder and embarrassing Avery rarely seemed a huge concern.

It was hard to figure out if Alex jumped into every conversation or if everyone wanted to beat up on Alex. She was certainly asking for a smack down when she told the brunettes that associating with them was a liability to her social standing.

Overall I would have been happiest if someone could have made Alex shut up. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. Minus 5.

At least Luann admitted that she insults people. Plus 7. Although she said she does it in the nicest way possible. I'm not sure how nice Alex felt Luann was when she told her she had Herman Munster shoes.

Alex got upset with Luann meddling. Oh honey, please. Minus 5 for whining. You're all meddlers. None of you can seem to help yourselves.

Which led us to the great debate about whether Jill has changed this season. Were they kidding? Jill's a gossip at heart. She couldn't help but meddle. It's practically a part of her DNA.

But Ramona agreed that she thought Jill was truly trying. Plus 8 for giving her pseudo friend the benefit of the doubt.

So, is Ramona an alcoholic? Everybody got into the act on this one. The brunettes thought she had a drinking problem while the blondes defended Ramona's pursuit for more Pinot.

Ramona kept insisting that it was only wine. It's not the hard stuff but it's still alcohol so Minus 5. Ramona didn't care what anyone thought. She was enjoying herself and selling her newest product. Plus 7 for doing everything possible to market her Ramona Pinot Grigio. Hopefully it makes enough to pay for that designated driver.

Reunion Hijinks

We didn't hear much from Cindy tonight so Plus 8 for small favors but she did call the blondes chicken heads who quack like ducks. Creative if nothing else.

Ramona apologized for using the word deformity when describing Jill's step-daughter and Jill accepted. Plus 10 for occasionally acting like adults.

Kelly was almost as bad as Alex tonight. Not quite, but close. She made fun of Alex's modeling and acting and told Ramona she had lousy wine. But what annoyed me was that she kept talking over other people. Minus 6.

I had to agree with Luann. Alex had a problem with the word class but not with Simon using the word count minus the o. Wow. Talk about standards. Minus 10.

And I'm sorry but Simon was freakishly weird this season, not unlike the previous ones. He dressed strange. He acted strange and his "watch out" comment to Jill was somewhere between childish and just plain wrong. Minus 10.

Random bits of useless knowledge learned tonight:

  • Alex rarely wears a bra. Plus 5.
  • Cindy's nanny sleeps with her. Plus 7, although to be fair I'm pretty sure she simply meant she has a live-in nanny.
  • Luann is older than Jacques. Minus 2 because does anyone really care. 
  • There may be more brunettes but the blondes yell much louder. Minus 5.

Plus 15 to Andy. I loved that I could hear his beleaguered sighs above the cacophony of bickering. I knew exactly how he felt. By the time this show was over, I had a killer headache. 


I'm hoping the aspirin kicks in soon.


cart beat alex and her husband . they are dead down to earth .love theses 2 .the rest of the girls are makeing out like there better than everybody else .and always bulling alex .and one one starts the rst of them start .keep up the good work alex xx


I wonder if Bravo reads these comments?
I won't be tuning into this next season after reading Zarin is returning- even if that isn't true.
Too much arguing, ridiculous pettiness and mean-spirited behavior.
It's become a Debbie downer show.
Bethenny Ever After is funny and light with fantastic cast mates. This NY show has run its course.


So done with these housewives shows- Enough already- Moving on...


I can barely watch this show anymore. This whole season was set up for us to see Jill as a wonderful person and Kelly as sane. I hate them all. Kelly is nuts but to make her look sane, on this year's trip, when she got mad at the others, she used the comments THEY used when yelling at her on last year's trip. Only, they were appropriately used. Kelly didn't know what the hello she was saying (BECAUSE SHE IS NUTS!!) I do have to say thank you to her psychologist-the drugs seem to be working. Then there is Jill. She will never change. She is still worried that she is't #1-never was never will be. All the other fights are funny and not sick and underhanded as Jill's and loser kelly's are. I can't watch it anymore. The only one I hated was Washington, DC-which, thankfully, that won't be a problem.


The coach with Cindy, Kelly, Jill and Luann should have been ejected into the air. They are rude, talked about the others to each other whenever the blondes were speaking. All they want to do is cause trouble. As much as I like Alex, Ramona, and Sonja I think it is time for a whole new cast. If not get rid of Kelly and cindy.


Margaret, your memory is faulty. It was Ramona who said that Alex's children were animals, and said on camera that they were humping her leg. Get your facts straight. If the mob wives support Jill, well I have to agree with them. They know real from fake, believe me. They have to. Alex is the real creep of the group, fake as a brass monkey. And her buddy Ramona is no better. She's a trecherous nasty old lady who's desperate to hold onto her youth even though its gone, and her husband lights up like a candle when he sees sexy Sonja.


I can't believe the brunettes sat there and took such total crap attacks from the nasty, immature blondes. Ramona is a horror show of an example to her daughter and shouldn't talk about anybody til she takes a good look at her own injected-to-the-max with fillers, 55 year old face. Ramona acts like she's a prepubescent 13year old brat. I LOVED Cindy, Jill, LuAnn and Kelly! Loved them for calling out the bullsh*t blondes and their sabotage. I won't watch this show again if Alex the phoney baloney is on it. She is a bloodsucking vampire and looks like one.


Team Brunette!!! The blondes act like little children. Cindy may seem boring but she was simply annoyed w/ their immature behavior and not joining in on their cattiness (hello, who says "There is a pecking order" like Sonja did???). Blondes:
“Well you know, Ramona and I can’t get away with anything. They’re always watching us like hawks. I just want to get her to pee on those sticks. Let’s find out if she’s pregnant or not and then break the news to Mario, because things are going to change. I mean… I was ready to pee on the stick for her.� - Sonja. Um Sonja hon, your friend is 54 years old. You're at a party on a boat. Grow. Up.
“Where’s my Pinot Grigio. You know that’s the only thing I drink. Pinot Grigio. Pinot Grigio. Pinot Grigio…Oh look, an egg.� -Ramona. Ramona, GET OVER YOURSELF...NO ONE CARES
"I would rather say See You Next Tuesday." -Alex. Really Alex? You'd really rather say cunt than class? I'd say that's as non-classy as it gets.


The blondes are awful. Ramona is like nails on a chalkboard. She is so awkward, she acts just like a teenager, and she is totally mean and selfish. Sonja is stuck-up and cliquey. Alex needs to just shut up and stop fighting other people's battles (weakly).


These ladies have no class and should be ashamed. For all the privileges they have, they acted like they were in high school. This USE to be my favorite. I will no longer watch. Kelly has no personality and is always on the defense. Move on people and do some good in this world.

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