The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Going Bankrupt

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Belly up, man up, pay up. The Real Housewives of New Jersey picks up right where it left off and we'll recap it right here in THG's +/- review!

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    this is how i feel teresa needs to leave her husband he is a big jerk he shows her know respect and he needs to stay out of her and her brothers problems he seems to be good people but his wife she needs to cover up more


    Here's is a fact teresa is the spot ligth woman since the start from the show u haters live her alone GOD what's meli and kath problem they just show up in this just trying to steel teresa spot light por her just face it she is teresa to the T she has better sense of fahion.I've noticed meli trys to copy tere a lot meli ur such a copy katter the show keeps on glowing cuz of teresa and no one can beat GIA"s cat walk srry!


    Danielle is such a drama queen, she is paranoid all the time because she is the one always starting trouble. Would love see Caroline kick her ass, but Caroline is to classy a lady to do that. Lova ya Caroline, Teresa and Jacqueline.


    Danielle is such a drama queen...and why did she bring Danny, was she gonna sick him on the "real women" on the show, how pathetic. I think she is afraid of the other housewives because she is he one who is always starting trouble...Love ya Caroline, Teresa and Jacqueline


    Ashley, dahhhling, don't let the front door hit you on your backside on the way out. If she really leaves I'd have all the locks changed so she couldn't get back in.


    Average looking? Ugly? Fat?...Thank god I live in St.Louis or I'd be in big trouble!


    @Rachel interesting how i just looked up apts in los angles & didnt see $3000 rent for 1 bedroom. $ 3000 rent $ for a 3-4 bedroom house but not 1. A one bedroom usually goes for about $1300 at least in the real estate websites i saw. & i live in la county btw.


    Ashley moving to LA is a joke! I live in LA -- she will NEVER make it here. She might be a big deal among her friends in Nowhere NJ, but in LA she will be invisible. Her very minor sorta celebrity will be unknown here. Also - not to be mean, but realistic - she might be considered average looking in NJ but in LA she will be looked upon as very unattractive and fat. It's very expensive to live here -- a 1 bedroom apt in a halfway decent area is at least $3000/mo - where's her money coming from?
    She better GET REAL, wise up, see the light, realize how lucky she is, be happy as a big fish in a small pond & get her life together. Plus, she obviously desperately needs an education!


    By the way, why does Ashley always have to have something plopped on top of her head? Premature baldness, maybe? HMMM? Just a note-- her precious daddy (the sperm donor) & stepmother were arrested on suspicion of arson & tax evasion in Texas.


    Hopefully Teresa won't wear that incredebly ugly black with silver Tiajuna dress she wore to the Christmas party at her brother's house when she appears as hostess at her new future resturant. She is a very obnoxous and jealous woman who needs to keep her stupid mouth shut.

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