The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: The Grinch's Last Name is Giudice

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It's still Christmas in Jersey and we get to spend the festive morning with all the families. Who has the Christmas spirit and whose can use a little work?

Let's run it down in THG's +/- review:

Why can't Teresa stop causing trouble? It's only been a few weeks since she and her brother started speaking again. Having them show up for Christmas Eve is a big deal considering where their relationship was just a short time ago.

Joey G

But Teresa can't let it be. When she hears the Gorgas are heading over to Kathy's she can't hold her tongue. She even tries to use the kids to make her point. Minus 10 for such a lack of manners.

I can't believe I'm saying this but Joe Gorga's was the voice of reason. He explains that they had already accepted Kathy's invitation so they felt obligated to attend both parties. 

Joe's calm and thoughtful and tries to make peace. Plus 10 and can someone please help me up off the floor. I think I fainted from the shock. Realistically though, I won't be surprised if he does something next week that makes me take those points right back.

And how rude was Joe's father? Melissa invites him over for dinner and he yells at her that he came over three times and she wasn't home. Well, the woman is allowed to leave the house. 

When Melissa asks him to call first the old man yells "I don't use the phone" and then shoves three fingers in her face to highlight his three missed visits. Minus 7.

Honestly, stop cramming your fingers in her face or you may find out she has a finger for you.

The Gorga's Christmas was a merry if an over the top event. The gifts just kept coming and everyone certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves. I have to say, Joe Gorga loves to shower his wife with gifts but when he's looking for that special gift in return, Melissa draws the line. "Not today. It's Jesus' birthday." Priceless, Plus 5.

This is Like Awkward

The Manzo's family bracelet is a little corny but really very sweet. Plus 8. Caroline is always looking for ways to remind her kids that family is what's important as their lives start to take them in other directions. 

Love when Albie compares Rich to Jeff Goldblum. So true and very funny. Plus 5.

Ashley didn't get ANYTHING for Chris and Jacqueline for Christmas. Are you kidding me? Minus 20. They cater to this kid and she's not really a kid. She's 20 years old. Her response to not getting them a present is "Whatever." Whatever this you spoiled, selfish, little brat. How about you get your butt out into the real world and take care of yourself for a change. 

That Jacqueline and Chris put up with such disrespect and coddle poor little Ashley is unreal. I don't see Ashley standing on her own two feet until someone shoves her out the door.

Wait. Rich has lost his wedding band several times? Does this sound fishy to anyone else? He claims he doesn't like to wear it because it makes him too attractive to other women. Cough, cough. Seriously? Is Kathy buying this load of crap? Minus 5 for such a lame explanation.

Nevertheless, Kathy has a touching Christmas morning. What mom can ask for more than her teenage kids pooling their money to buy her a gift they really think she can use? Plus 15. Wherever the Grinch was I'm sure his heart grew three sizes that morning.

Or maybe not because I think he resides at the Guidice residence. Joe is horrible. I know he's obviously depressed but Christmas isn't about you, it's about the kids. He can't even be bothered to sit up or attempt to smile. He can tell himself otherwise but the kids definitely noticed. Minus 10.

And does Teresa get more selfish with every scene? She's miffed because Santa gets all the credit for the gifts when she wants it for herself. Minus another 5. And then she manages to rub salt in her husbands wounds by remarking "So, no diamonds this year, huh?" Well there's the Christmas spirit. Apparently the Grinch's last name is Guidice.

Alexa Ray Joel's Christmas concert is lovely but it's too bad Albie acts like a deer in the headlights around her. Minus 5. I don't think he has to worry about Caroline being the kiss of death here. 


Next week is New Year's Eve. What are the odds we can ring in the New Year without someone coming to blows. Yeah, not good.


I think that kathy is a wonderful person, with 2 wonderful and respectful children. She can also bake for me anytime, evrything she bakes looks fantastic!! Don't change Kathy, you have to much class for all Theresa's BS!!


I think that kathy is a wondeful person, with 2 wonderful and respectful children. She can also bake for me anytime, evrything she bakes looks fantastic!! Don't change Kathy, you have to much class for all Theresa's BS!!


Teri, thank you for the name pronounciation correction. That's been sorely needed. Since they are barely off the boat why didn't they know how to say it. That silly cap Neanderthal #2 wears looks from the side like the profile of the head a of a duck! Bill & all. Quack-quack, Duckbill, as in dinosaur. Considering the economy and it's effects on the building, restaurant, & rag(clothing) trades, how do they manage to live so very extravagantly? HMMM? Diamonds, luxury cars(including a Bentley, yet), over the top bad taste McMansions with gross & grossly expensive furnishings, apartments for kids with no jobs, $50,000.00 'Happy Birthday, Jesus' Christmas 'charity' bash, etc., etc. Yeah, right! I guess I'm just a cynic.


Oh yeah, Teresa and her husband need to learn how to pronounce their last name. It's not Jew-dice, it's Jew-dee-chay. What kind of Italians are they, anyway??? Joe's becoming a real meanie. What dad isn't just as excited as he kids to see them open Christmas presents? Most dads stay up all Christmas Eve night putting toys together. What was his problem - was he hung over? I also feel sorry for their kids for not getting solid family values. Peccato!!


Teresa is definitely alienating herself from the rest of the family and I commend her brother for being so diplomatic. Sounds like Teresa's husband is rubbing off on her more than ever. Kim should have been thrown out of the Gorga's party. She had some nerve bringing that salty attorney to any family party. If Teresa doesn't appreciate Melissa tossing her out of the party, then Teresa will never really make up with Melissa. I think Teresa is just envious of how wonderful her brother treats Melissa.


I think Teresa has to live in a world of her own because her husband is so mean and selfish. It has to be really hard to live with him. She probably loved to focus on her money and shopping sprees as a coping mechanism. Both Melissa and Teresa so obviously married their husbands for their money. The only one I don't see as a gold digger on the show is Caroline... plus her husband is the only one who actually seems to be kicking his butt to bring home the bacon. I respect them both for what they've accomplished. Even so, saying their kids are a good match for Bill Joel's daughter because they are "privileged" was absolutely nauseating. I lost respect for her when she made that comment.


When did Caroline and her family become affluent?!?!? Give me a break. To compare her family with Billy Joel and Christie Brinkly is asinine and she should be embarrased for saying it.


There is no winning with Theresa, what an ignorant loser. Her husband is certainly no better. Ashley is another loser. Kudo's to Kathy, so much class.


Teresa is really coming out as the bad guy more and more, though Melissa is not totally innocent. And Juicy Joe! What is wrong with him? Is he an alcoholic and slipping further and further to the bottom? I was loving the Manzos until they all ganged up on Kim G. Sure she deserved to get thrown out, but they pounced on her like the Secret Service attacking someone trying to shoot the president! Chris had it under control, but he was told in no uncertain terms - the family, or else! They are almost like some weird Amish sect or something. I guess NJ Housewives is becoming more and more about dysfunctional families, and after the stupid Danielle drama last season, it's kind of nice.


Why did Joe #2 give his wife a man's Rolex? Because it's bigger, flashier, & more expensive? Or so he can borrow it when he goes to the poker game. Ashley, the idiot-headed brat, is beyond excuses. It's her mother's & step-father's fault for putting up with her gross behaviour & manners. Pity the poor sucker who marries her one day. She'll whine, whine, whine whenever she doesn't get her way, which will be most of the time. And you know she can't cook. I wish all the women, Caroline excepted in this case, would please get a haircut. Their hair looks like the locks of the Gorgon. Stop playing with it & pushing it back. And buy some Kleenex or a handkerchief for God's sake. Stop wiping your eyes & noses with your fingers. It's disgusting beyond description.

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