The Kardashians Pretend to Write a Novel

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Kim Kardashian has taken time out of exploiting her father's death for profit to hype a book she didn't write.

On November 1, the Kardashian sisters will come out with a novel titled "Dollhouse." It focuses on family living in the spotlight of fame and it's "based on our lives," Kim blogged this week. "But we've added a lot of crazy fictional twists and turns. You'll have to decide for yourself which story lines are true to life, and which ones we dreamed up."

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The odds of any Kardashian writing a single word of the book, by the way, are about as high as Casey Anthony being named Mother of the Year.

Will you purchase Dollhouse?


aniamalu jennifer just when will you shutup? You are pathetic and disgustung with your hating for no reason.The only talent you seem to have is writing rude comments and that is not even a talent.LOSER.

Valrie walton

HOLLYWOOD MARRIAGES!!, Crum, it never last! all this is for publicity, Where is Reggie Bush in all this?, hiding I suppose don't blame him one bit


Hope u gt money out ov ds


never. i think theyre goin too far jesus!


shameless whoredarshians. a book? for what purpose? Talentless whores.


Seriously?? I really hope no one buys this piece of ridiculousness. It just encourages more of the same vapid stupidity.


I wonder if Kim is going to give tips on how to sell a sex tape and 'pretend' to play the victim afterwards so you too can become rich and famous. Kim K is a bad role model for young girls I remember when that Montana Fishburne started doing porn cause she wanted to be like Kim K and Kim should have spoken out but she didnt. Just goes to show how selfish and unashamed of her porn star days she really is

Nathaniel moyer

Kim, I think you're hot. But, lately on my mind, is the accusation that child pornography is a problem in the entertainment industry. Including Hollywood. I think it's time to bring the bad guys to justice.


What the hell are you trying to say? You have the same intelligence level as a KockROACHian.


dang THG, dont tell me that yall dont like the sisters neither. Gve them the benefit of the doubt&jus wait till it cums out&c. May b they're thinkn wut fake story THG will write 2day

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