Teresa Giudice Explains, Defends Allegedly Anti-Semitic Remark

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On Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice stood by husband Joe, even in the face of bankruptcy. Why? She quipped:

"My Jewish friends are all 'I would have divorced him right away!!' But I'm Italian."

Such a statement certainly comes across like the reality star is comparing Jews and Italians, while painting the former in a negative light. But Teresa has taken to her blog to explain why this was never her intention.

On The Real Housewives

"I was trying to explain myself without calling anyone out specifically, and the way I described them to keep them anonymous was 'Jewish," Giudice wrote. "They are Jewish, but being Jewish has nothing to do with why they would have left Joe. Their religion had nothing to do with the story, I was just trying to explain myself and not use anyone's name, and my words got all jumbled. I'm so sorry if I offended anyone."

Are you buying it? Do you think Teresa's quip was inappropriate?


Archie Bunker is alive and well and living inside Teresa's mouth. How telling and yesteryear.


It does mot take a genius to realize that Teresa is not intelligent, open minded or accepting of others. This is why she is doing this show. Easy money! I'm certain that many anti Semitic remarks have been thrown around in that home and that is why her daughter made the remarks that she made. Kids learn by example...god help those children growing up in that fake, materialistic and judgmental environment there is no excuse for a dig about another race or religion....ever! I dislike her even more one! .


Whatever Mel and Kathy just try to make teresa look bad. They always try to put words In her mouth me li you look like A nasty witch from the movie dorthy its about time u fly in a broom stick honey and melis u make the show very boring its like seeing another copy of teresa stop copying the way she talks the ways she freaking dresses excuse me your sayin. Teresa is jealous of you your the one that is jealous of teresa steeling her hair stylest let's face it teresa. Looks better with those curls baby doll urs look like pubic hair I know your totaly in love with the fact that she is having problems with her fineancial money problem but guess what mss.melissa JESUS is big and. All of teresa problems will get fixed and better than what do you have left to talk about ding dong the witch flew away in her broom


Tess Guidice is not ignorant; she's totally brainless.


In my opinion she is just ignorant. The remarks that she and her daughter say make their family seem illiterate and that she has no brain. She is just envious of people who have more than she. With the remark that Gia made about not wanting to marry a Jewish man and making fun of something that Hasidic men have just shows how Teresa must be teaching her that Jews are below her standards. I don't take what she says personally because obviously she doesn't think like a mentally stable person.


man u cant say anything anymore. This was nt offensive at all. Ppl need to quit wit the PC is so damn annoying!


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