Teen Mom Train Wreck: Jenelle Evans Arrested For Probation Violation!

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Breaking, stunning news out of North Carolina this morning:

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is in trouble with the law ... again.

The 19-year-old mess was corralled for violating her probation Monday. Officials have not released any further details on Evans' latest arrest.

This chick gets arrested more times than anyone we know except Lindsay Lohan ... or Jenelle's own BF, Kieffer Delp. That dude is insane!

Jenelle Evans Mug Shot Reloaded

BUSTED: That's one THG logo for each of Jenelle's booking photos. Just kidding. Although it's probably fairly accurate if you stop and think about it.

Jenelle's lawyer tells TMZ that Evans had a meeting with her parole officer yesterday and that she had tested positive for marijuana and opiates.

She then was seen smoking weed again after that. Always smart.

Evans was arrested and placed behind bars on $10,000 bond ... but she was eventually released. She's due back in court again on August 24.

Will she provide more entries to our celebrity mugshots gallery then? We will have to wait and see. But we wouldn't bet money against it.

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I don't think she will ever change....She has a kids but does not even take care of him....She say she does want to change but I don't see happen


Heck - my heart goes out to her Ma' - WHO IS NOW STUCK RAISING Jayce her WHOLE LIFE! What a disgrace you are JANELLE!


For a teen mom she's starting to look really old. Maybe she should lay off the booze and drugs...


Quel surprise!!!


How many chances will these ppl. Be given....????!!!!!! its hideously pathetic.. Ppl like her dont deserve to have kids and should be steralized...hopefuly her kid is either taken away and placed with a more suitable family member, or placed with a stable,well put together family.. That can give the kid the support it needs in life.. Not being burdened by a drippy mother who cant get it together cause she wants to play and be a kid. Guess she should of that before she decided she was ready for sex... But in todays society its, ok to push sex, onto tennagers get pregnant and pawn the kid onto the grandparents so they can go to a prep rally...


Man you really need to get it togeather the only person ur hurting is ur son I would hate for u to be my mom all tge things ur doing is going to hurt u son when he grows up. Do us all a favor dont have.another kid if u cant take care of ur first...


Skank. U and your ilk should be sterilized.


I think u shoud get it together and i have been watching teen mom since it came out tell jace I said hi


guess she tryna c f she gets the same treatment as LiLo


My heart goes out to Jenelle's young son......get it together Girl!!!

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