Teen Mom Train Wreck: Jenelle Evans Arrested For Probation Violation!

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Breaking, stunning news out of North Carolina this morning:

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is in trouble with the law ... again.

The 19-year-old mess was corralled for violating her probation Monday. Officials have not released any further details on Evans' latest arrest.

This chick gets arrested more times than anyone we know except Lindsay Lohan ... or Jenelle's own BF, Kieffer Delp. That dude is insane!

Jenelle Evans Mug Shot Reloaded

BUSTED: That's one THG logo for each of Jenelle's booking photos. Just kidding. Although it's probably fairly accurate if you stop and think about it.

Jenelle's lawyer tells TMZ that Evans had a meeting with her parole officer yesterday and that she had tested positive for marijuana and opiates.

She then was seen smoking weed again after that. Always smart.

Evans was arrested and placed behind bars on $10,000 bond ... but she was eventually released. She's due back in court again on August 24.

Will she provide more entries to our celebrity mugshots gallery then? We will have to wait and see. But we wouldn't bet money against it.

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live jenelle alone i love her i wood do the some as her hes is cool hes rock and hes tank care of her baby like a mother dose


i am 16 i had my son at 15 and he is one and i am pregnant again and i promise it is not easy and not fun and some of the moms on here help me realize im not the only one going threw this i love my kids but i think i would have waited teen mom doesnt make it look easy but the money thing for them looks easy! its every hard to be a teen mom even tho ive been with the same guy for four years and everything he still got scared and left for awhile to just like these boys . but i would never tell any one to have a kid this younge purity is the key!! and i think jenelle would be a good mom if she would stop with that guy and let her mom show her how to take care of jace


HAHAHAHAHAHA SHE CRAZY AS HELL!!!!!!! Jace is in so much trouble with a mother like that.


Girl, you be off yo rocker!


Deanne, very well said. Janelle is very immature and needs help desperately. You can plainly see she is looking for love. Her Mom bears a great deal of responsibility for her behavior. You can see by the way to talks to her. Something went terribly wrong with Janelle's upbringing. Instead of jail she needs major rehab not just detox.


I perfectly understand she made 1 or 2 bad choices, but she's been in jail countless times and stold mothers credit card to run off and spoil her bum boyfriend. I had a pretty messed up childhood, but i didn't end up like her, i think she has mental issues.


Why is anyone surprised this kind of thing happens when a person gets elevated to "celebrity" status solely on the basis of their ability to breed young and out of wedlock. Wow. What an accomplishment! If this is the standard, they should give major market television shows to amoebas because they, too, can divide!


This chick is a walking shame for a human being. That poor kid is better off being raised by a dog than this b**ch. All she cares about is d**k. She's always bashing her mom when her poor mother does EVERYTHING! She needs to throw that douchbag of a boyfriend to the curb before he does something to the little kid. This is one of the brats of Teen Mom that gets on my nerves. If you have a past you have a past. The important thing is that you learn from it. Stop your whining you dumb b**ch. Grow up and take care of your kid you f**kin loser!


she mine as well say good bye to her son because her mom has enough stuff on her to make sure she don't see her son. she is a very unfit mother!!! and i hope her mom don't let her see her son she don't deserve to see him! maybe when she grows up and leaves kieffer maybe then she will realize how to be a mom!


Im 21 years old and a mom of 3 girls 5, 4 and 2years old I work 12hours a day 6 days a week and still take care of my babys. This girl needs to have a wake up call if not she will stay in jail for life. poor baby he has to grow up thankin his grandma is his mom I feel sorry for him. she will never learn

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