Teen Mom Recap: Trick or Treat For Italian-Asian Fusion!

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Halloween has arrived on Teen Mom. Tricks, treats and drama abound.

Our favorite young reality moms (and Amber Portwood) were all about pumpkins, costumes and such this week. But who came home with candy, and who received proverbial rocks in their sacks (a la Charlie Brown)?

Let's break down last night's episode, THG style!

Leah and Gary

Despite being jailed for domestic battery, etc., and being a total loose cannon, at least Amber's dedication to Leah can never be disputed. Oh, wait. Minus 9.

She said she hadn't seen Leah (living with Gary Shirley) because she can't drive, yet she clearly gets around fine whenever she chooses to. WTH? Minus 6.

Neither Amber or Gary go trick-or-treating with Leah. Minus 3.

The picture above, we have to admit, is quite sweet. Plus 5.

Amber's paying $644 a month for that place? Plus 4 for getting a good deal. Minus 4 for where she'll be living rent-free on Indiana taxpayers' dime soon.

Farrah on sister Ashley: "My sister and I don't always get along, but I'm glad she is making an effort to see Sophia. I think it's important Sophia has an aunt in her life. Nobody on her dad's side is her real aunt." Plus 7.

Together, they have fun in the pumpkin patch. We think. Plus 3.

Farrah's business plan for an Italian/Asian fusion restaurant is panned by her teacher, who says no such fusion exists for a reason. True. Minus 5.

Even if she gets Cs in school, the Cs she got outside the classroom will ensure she can provide for Sophia. Right? We're talking about boobs. Plus 6.

Bentley as Barney

Maci took Bentley as Barney for Halloween. Plus 7, because look at the little guy - so cute - and because we just remembered Farrah hates Barney.

Ryan, naturally, makes far too big a deal out of Maci taking Bentley trick or treating solo. Minus 4, because it's like he's just looking to pick fights.

His mom also sucks. Her "guts are being ripped out" over this. What about when that douche was AWOL from Maci and Bentley's lives. Minus 11.

Catelynn: "I never thought in a million years I'd be 18, in my own place, engaged [to my brother] and paying bills! Everything we want in life is coming true." Plus 15 for many obvious reasons, but Minus 5 for later getting evicted.

Plus 3 for Tyler getting a job. Crazy idea!

Chef Dan hires the kid because he is SO impressed by Tyler's dedication. Not the cameras following Tyler around or anything like that. Plus 2.

Catelynn also gets a part-time job ... at $8/hour, 1-2 days per week. They seem responsible, but of a sudden the eviction makes sense. Wash.



Learn to take care of little


For you guys saying its nothing that Ryan can do.....WRONG. Their different elements to custody such as joint custody, which can offset the child support ( rare cases) . Also he stated something about not being able to live with Kyle while she have custody of Bentley ...TRUE. In SOME states they like the child to be raise in "family" structure ie husband and wife.


Farrah, Def PLZ stay strong. You Are such a Wonderful Mother. Keep going strong. Love what you are doing & Your Baby Girl is the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen. You did GREAT!! Good Luck Sweetie!!


As for all of you moms(besides Amber) I sit here & am so proud of all of you. Tyler&Catelynn you guys are so brave. I have taken your story&told it to my sister who was pregnant at 15. I shared with her your story&she took my advise as well as taken you guys adivice. Both of you guys were brave& that helped my sister be brave. I'm just so happy that you were on teen mom&shared ur story, because that helped my sister to feel that she was doing the right thing&now she is back to her old self again..Thanks to the both of u guys!! Keep Stayen Strong You Guys Cause We All Love The Both of You Guys!!!


OMG I am so sick and tired of Amber playing with the cameras. She is just 1 pathetic useless human being. She thinks that she is the victim of all that is going on with her. But all that she has done was bring this all upon herself. She should be 1 happy person(not a mother)that she does have a father to actually be there & take care of her child. Gary is 1 AMAZING FATHER! I have sat here&spoke to my friends&we all agree...On camera she wants to be a "mother" but off camera she wants to party.I hope that Gary leaves her in the dust,dirt or even the mud.(cause thats all that she is worth)he IS THE BEST DAD FOR THERE CHILD!! Sorry Amber but U R A PIECE OF GARBAGE&should have NO part in raising Gary's child. My Advise is.... GET A FKN LIFE!!!


Catelynn and Tyler actually didn't get evicted, they just moved out.


mmmmm Sorry Jessica S. If you watched the show he called Maci on that day when there were getting ready to go. She told him he could go. Not saying yes it would have be uncomfee for Ryan and i get why he didnt want to go. But you cant call at thwe last mint and say i want to spent time with my son. Maci asked days before that way they had time to plain thing.


I don't like that THG referred to Tyler as Catelynn's brother. He's her step-brother. That was unnecessarily derogatory against the sweetest couple and easily most responsible cast members on the show.


i agree with freespirit114.if he takes macys to court nothing will change after the see the footage of how things really aqre going down.ryan need to stop bitchin about macy and realize its not about macy its about his son but i guess thats not good enough for him


What was so bad about Ryan not letting Maci take Bentley trick or treating he asked for only a couple hrs on his birthday and she said no that was her day. All he done was gave her a dose of her own meds and she ended up screwing him over any ways!

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