Teen Mom Recap: Growing Up is, Like, So Hard

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Growing up is hard to do, especially for kids with kids.

But for these hard-working, well-meaning Teen Mom stars (and Amber Portwood), it's something they must do. The question is whether they can pull it off.

While some cast members seem to be fast-tracked toward adulthood, others still seem stuck in neutral. You wonder when and if they'll come to their senses.

Let's break down last night's episode, THG style!

Maci and Kyle

Kyle King quits his job in Nashville to move near Maci. She repays him by dropping most of her classes. Plus 11 for love, Minus 12 for lack of long-term thinking.

Seriously, Maci Bookout, what's your major? Slacking? Eesh. Minus 8.

Ryan is, however briefly, more gainfully employed than Kyle! Plus 4.

Bentley's dad hires a lawyer to ensure his custody arrangement is legit. Even though he's adversarial, he does seem to care about parenting for once. Plus 2.

Tyler graduates from high school. Tyler Baltierra graduates!Plus 9.

Catelynn Lowell is close to doing the same, and while getting a "D" on a history exam isn't stellar, it's good enough to get you the sheet of paper, so ... Wash.

Plus 2 for Tyler's graduation party looks like a swell time, but Minus 8, since there's no real point in the step-siblings/lovers being on the show sometimes.

Sophia, Farrah

Farrah Abraham is once again the grief-stricken widow this week. We feel callous for even thinking it, but it feels a bit tiresome at this point. Minus 4.

That said, Sophia's first visit to Derek's grave felt authentic and so sweet, thanks to both Farrah's mom Debra and Derek's dad Jerry. Sniff. Plus 15.

Minus 5 for Farrah's recurring revisionist relationship history, though.

Amber, meanwhile, reunites with Leah. And stripper-loving Gary. And some peeps from the Department of Child Protective Services. Minus 9.

Things were going pretty well for a bit. Amber lost the orange makeup. Gary found another shirt besides the Aeropostale one. Progress! Plus 5.

Amber laments her own mother's lack of "supporture." Minus 3.

Minus 7 more because creating a home where she can spend time with Leah should not be this hard, and because (as we know) it gets worse yet.



Yeah, yeah, yeah, Ryan is finally stepping up but if it wasn't for his mom he wouldn't be. That is clear. We all see it. blah blah blah people.


Well I can't imagine what it would be like to lose the father of my baby so I sympathize with farrah as for as Ryan goes I don't blame him for protecting his rights it was really shitty for her to just take bentley like she did on holloween im tired of people thinking she does no wrong she can't even stick to the agreement she set so therefore Ryan has to protect himself so hats off to him


I do not understand the teen mom saga. I am 32. I had my first child at seventeen. I raised her prettymuch on my own. I had no help. I had to put her on government assistance for insurance. Until I had a job that I could put her on my own. My daughters father was abusive and lazy. I left him when I was 21. He owes me $ 13,000 in back child support. I break my back to support her. What is this world comming to when you get pregnant before your time and get paid for it. I had to work my ass off. They have money they have cars ect.. I did not have any of that. No I am not jelouse ... I Worked my but off to support my child not to be in reality spotlight. Now they have teen girls thinking they go they get pregnant and they show up on teen moms they have it made. I think it's stupid.


As a "grief stricken widow" minis 20 for this lame recap of something you know nothing about. Grief is a long hard process that doesn't just last a year and it changes you. I say kudos to her for moving forward dispite the setbacks it can cause. Seriously, that makes you look so ignorant.


You know i was a mom at 18 just got out of high school i have 4 kids now and i'm only 34 yrs old but i been there for my kids from day one just like these girl here and that is way i like watching the show becaue i know that one these girls will grow up to be great moms and dads so the only thing i'm trying to say is to all the moms and dads keep up the good work and try to get along for your kids because they need both of you not just one but both.Think You Dawn.

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