Teen Mom Recap: Terrible Twos, Birthday Blues

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The terrible twos have arrived on Teen Mom.

For our favorite young reality moms who try their best despite adversity (and Amber Portwood, for that matter), it's a difficult period for raising children.

How will Maci respond to the added burden placed on her shoulders by Ryan? Should Gary be under investigation himself? Why did Farrah get a dog?

Let's break down last night's episode, THG style!

Maci and Bentley Pic

Ryan and his parents keep talking about going to court and legally getting custody of Bentley. These peeps really need to quit stirring up drama. Minus 7.

Yes, Kyle living with Maci has to be awkward for Ryan, but wouldn't you want a nice, stable, employed guy around your kid? Just asking. Plus 4 for Kyle.

Ryan's mom says Bentley shouldn't have "random men" coming in and out of his life. Minus 6 for apparently ignoring the randomness of her own son.

Plus 5, too, because Bentley and Kyle are soooo sweet together.

Farrah decides to let her daughter Sophia get a puppy. Super nice sentiment, but your hands are full, why get another critter to take care of? Wash.

Minus 2 for thinking she had to keep secret from her mom, or that she could pull that off. Dogs need to go outside, and Sophia says "doggy" a lot.

At the end of the day, Farrah's mother didn't mind. Guess when you're a grandmother at a young age, a small dog isn't too earth-shaking. Plus 3.

And Candy is cute at least. Plus 5.

The Teen Mom Stars

Catelynn hung out with her friend Paige, who also gave her son up for adoption a year prior. Man, no one uses protection in these parts. Minus 3.

Plus 8, though, for the most emotional scene of the night, when Catelynn opened up about how crushed she would be if Carly's adoptive parents, Brandon and Theresa, ended contact with her. We got a little choked up.

For now it's all good though. PHEW. Plus 1 more.

Staying with cousin Krystal (not a relative of Kim Kardashian), Amber learns from Gary that Leah's birthday parties will be separate between the two of them. This did not exactly sit well, but it's her own fault in the end. Minus 8.

Gary Shirley gets drunk the night before and is noticeably hung over at the party. Buy the man one of those World's Best Dad mugs! Minus 11.

Are those condoms on Gary's floor? Minus 7 for not cleaning up his slovenly place, but Plus 13 that he actually knows those things exist now.

Leah gets two nice parties out of this, but Plus only 2, given how dysfunctional her parents are and the lasting effects that's bound to have.



Maci is very sexi also i would date ferrah lol just sayiing muah xoxoxoxo i feel sorry for catelyn she's such a sweet girl and i hope brandon and teresa does'nt stop contacting her but in my opinion i think tylers going to end up leaving her or cheat on her he's in college he wants to be free it happens every time i watched it tonight when his guy friend asked him could he ever picture his self with another women and he said yeah any ways shes a sweety pie i just hope she gets every thing she wants in life shes a pisces im also a pisces catelyn good luck


That kid of amber's is always crying. What's wrong with her?


The only time I see Amber horizontal is when she's getting ready to go out with her friends. She is either 'laying in bed' laying on the sofa' or sitting in the chair. Wot is that about?


@ ur stupid as well jus sayin :)


@jd4awhile...wtf? english please?


Jd4awhile.......you stupid. Just saying


JD4 - "Garys a fat bitch that uses his kid as leverage." You're joking. How's he suppose to act with Miss Crazy on the other end?


Garys a fat bitch that uses his kid as leverage. Ryans a lil bitch to. Always starting shit when nobodys around to witness his physco ass. His parents need to but out to. No random guys are comin out of macis ap. The ma stupid she said both times I've pick him up kyles been there! That's only one guy not random guys n at least kyle can take care of his and bentley loves him, maci should just go get custody herself. Farrah I can't stand cuz she tries to all smart but she's dumb as nails, who spanks there dog cuz they don't go the bathrm in the toilet??? MORON! Catlyn n her man r cool just young n dumb and don't know the real world and will have to discover it themselves! The dude kinda of a flake tho but he's nice and loves his girl, back to gary, idk know why he buy condoms, prob just to throw on floor and have ppl see em n tell amber. He to much of a bitch to have any game to use em and he only got wit amber cuz she was a lot bigger then so he nds to go find another bigin.... Peace

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