Taylor Armstrong Abuse Photos Described as "Graphic, Shocking"

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A reliable source says he's seen images of Taylor Armstrong after her most recent beating at the hands of late husband Russell Armstrong, and the shots are seriously disturbing.

"I've seen shocking photos of Taylor with a deeply bruised right eye and a terrible trauma that stretched from [the mouth] to here [the eye socket]," Entertainment Tonight host Chris Jacobs says, describing the pictures as "graphic."

Close Up of Taylor Armstrong

Allegations of abuse against Russell were first made public in late July. Most recently, a report surfaced that claimed Taylor was sent to the hospital just before The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was scheduled to resume shooting.

Entertainment Tonight said the photos were included with Taylor's divorce documents, but the show isn't sure whether to make the public or not.

"I can tell you that it looks as though she was hit in the eye with tremendous force," Jacobs said on-air Monday.

Russell Armstrong, of course, was found dead inside a friend's home in Los Angeles on August 16. The tragedy took place just a month after his six-year marriage to Taylor officially fell apart and Bravo is still unsure how to handle footage of the latter discussing her marital issues on season two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which Russell went off on not long before he killed himself.

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plz dnt show thm,@ Chely,u said it all


Dnt release the photos! If not for the man who is now dead dnt do it to the kid! She will grow up and see it one day and as a child her good memories of her father will fade in time and those photos will be the lasting impression she has ofher father. He wasnt in the right by no means but the man took his life he obviously did nt like the person he was and its nt right for these pics to be displayed for all the world to see.

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