Taylor Armstrong Abuse Photos Described as "Graphic, Shocking"

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A reliable source says he's seen images of Taylor Armstrong after her most recent beating at the hands of late husband Russell Armstrong, and the shots are seriously disturbing.

"I've seen shocking photos of Taylor with a deeply bruised right eye and a terrible trauma that stretched from [the mouth] to here [the eye socket]," Entertainment Tonight host Chris Jacobs says, describing the pictures as "graphic."

Close Up of Taylor Armstrong

Allegations of abuse against Russell were first made public in late July. Most recently, a report surfaced that claimed Taylor was sent to the hospital just before The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was scheduled to resume shooting.

Entertainment Tonight said the photos were included with Taylor's divorce documents, but the show isn't sure whether to make the public or not.

"I can tell you that it looks as though she was hit in the eye with tremendous force," Jacobs said on-air Monday.

Russell Armstrong, of course, was found dead inside a friend's home in Los Angeles on August 16. The tragedy took place just a month after his six-year marriage to Taylor officially fell apart and Bravo is still unsure how to handle footage of the latter discussing her marital issues on season two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which Russell went off on not long before he killed himself.

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I feel bad for the soliders that have PTSD and kill themselves. Its sad and all about this man but I think a solider is more important then this stuff. My heart goes out to Taylor and her family, her daughter the innocent on in all this but we need to get back to earth here folks. This man's suicide is getting more coverage then an American Vet who suffers in silence and then kills him or herself. Wake up. HELLOOOO!!!


Why did not the hospital report this to the police? Why didn't the reliable source go to the police? If this is truly abusive, Mr Cohen and his entire film crew, as well as the other Beverly housewives who received threatening emails...should all be charged with covering up a crime.....domestic abuse is a crime. Are you sure that these pictures were NOT post plastic surgery? If this woman was abused, the show should be CANCELLED......the POLICE should be investigating this and CEDAR SINAI hospital needs to mKe a statement as they cannot identify domestic abuse......seriously this event is shameful to Mr. Cohen, his staff and the Bravo franchise.....will never, ever watch another one of these shows which used to be my guilty pleasure...no pleasure now...simply disgust!


The information that has come out in recent days about Russell's horrible abuse of Taylor, I'm not sure to believe or not, but it may be true. She is phony to a T. I've never liked her on the show. She's even changed her name, evidently has a problem telling the truth about multiple things in the past, spends money wildly while in debt, all for keeping up appearances. She just pretends to be rich. It's reported that their estate is 1.5 M in debt., and credit cards maxed. I wonder who paid for his memorial service. She has no money! He was no angel either, but sure didn't look like the monster she is protraying him to be. Russell seemed to have all kinds of financial and serious legal problems for many years. These two deserved each other!!! I feel sorry for his kids.


Everyone should read "The Sociopath Next Door" by Harvard psychologist Martha Stout. It describes the defining trait of Traylor's sociopath kind: CONSTANT PLAYS FOR PITY.


People, use a little logic - you're dealing with a pathological liar (sociopath) here. These are nothing more than PLASTIC SURGERY PICTURES. She chose to have a little MORE work done & took these pictures to use as blackmail and fulfill her little alibi. Let's not lose sight of the fact that Traylor is incapable of telling the truth. She betrayed her husband, drove him to suicide & is now attempting to ruin his legacy. Traylor Ford Hughes should be held responsible for his death.


What is "graphic, shocking" is that hideous mouth that she uses for her fake "smiles".


Also, as far as Taylor goes, I don't like to look at her face. She always seemed like a clown to me. Her poor daughter Kennedy is the victim in this. Taylor is not the innocent one.


Why isn't there a police report about this abuse? What kind of plastic surgery did she require? And Why did Bravo continue to film them if she had been beaten before filming resumed? Were they more concerned for a good storyline than someones mental health? Bravo is irresponsible in this. Russell said he was going to be crucified by Bravo. There are so many rumors about him being put out there that you have to wonder if Bravo is planting some of them to deflect blame.


Oh, this will give Taylor an excuse to be the poor victim again. Boo hoo. She is a worthless piece of trash, pirahna mouth and all. Let the show go on, but without her or I won't watch one episode of the new season.


Well russell did wrong to taylor. He did wrong with money. Yes his mothers hurting but remember he took the easy way out. He did not think of his kids. They are the ones to lose out. I wish his family the best in healing. Slso to his mom he knew what he wad doing on the show he is oh was a smart man. The truth hurts so rus mom let the show come back. He never should hav wrnt on the show. Rus had problems.

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