Scotty McCreery Music Video Debut: "I Love You This Big"

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Yesterday, Lauren Alaina introduced her debut music video to the world.

Now, the young man who beat her out for the title of American Idol has done the same.

Below, Scotty McCreery makes at least one girl's dream come true by telling her "I Love You This Big." The singer has gotten off to a historic start to his career. Will it continue with this release? Watch now and react:

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I love scotty mcreery he id so cute


good job


hey are yell you are so amazing scotty mccreey he his my besst frend and it be


This video is awesome! Scotty did a great job, love his music!


Scotty did a great job with this song--gave me goosebumps!


Love the song & the videos but Scotty should've someone in the video either a love interest or a parent of gis own like his audience the name of the song is "I Love You This Big".


Scotty's video has my vote...Lauren has better song...but Scotty makes more of his...He's just got a magnetic personality and Lauren's personality betray's the image she'd like to portray...sorry Lauren fans, but I just haven't liked the girl since her (I don't belong here) attitude when in final teo with Jacob...Over time, it's clear that Haley has more poise, depth and integrity..that didn't come through on Idol.

Scotty McCreery Biography

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