Satsuki Mitchell on Daniel Craig Leaving Her for Rachel Weisz: Charge It!

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Daniel Craig married Rachel Weisz in a small, intimate ceremony this summer. Because the famous couple wanted its privacy? Perhaps.

But also because the actor may not have wanted the public to learn of how his relationship with the actress started.

According to an In Touch Weekly source, Craig left the home he shared with long-time girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell one morning, headed for the set of Dream House - the film in which he co-stars with Weisz - and simply didn't return.

Satsuki Mitchell and Daniel Craig

"Satsuki was frantically calling, texting and emailing him, but he was probably with Rachel and not answering," the insider says.

How did Mitchell respond? She reportedly went all Blu Cantrell on Craig, racking up approximately $1 million in charges on his credit card. And with the bombing of Cowboys & Aliens, that's money the actor could really use!


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And I thought that a film producer was not famous ..... I study TV and film production, I do not like the fame, I'd rather be behind the scenes during the making up his own premiere. I could not bear chasing paparazzi photographers and everywhere, I just go crazy! I hope that what is happening to this girl is a timely thing, from her relationship with the actor and not something that happens to the filmmakers, what but ......


I am with you, CK - this is total BS and anyone who believes it w/o checking the facts is just looking to dump on Daniel Craig. At any rate, who is anyone to pass judgement? Bunch of saints on this blog; I am sure neither of these 2 great actors is losing any sleep over this shite.


Marie, please read my comments below and do some actual investigation before doling out judgement. And you might also consider the source of the story...both that this is a "gossip" AND that this is supposedly coming from the recently jilted...


Terri, actually what I was saying is that Daniel Craig didn't do what was said. I don't know if Satski did or not, but since the DC part of the story is crap, I have to assume that about the other as well.


ASSHOLE! karma will even the score! He will pay for it someday! Wat a tool!


Daniel Craig is a total asshole. Kharma will come to haunt him soon!!!! Let's change Daniel's last name "Craig", to "Prick"...from now on he's Daniel Prick!!!


CK is right. Satsuki didn't do that. This is not true at all.


Who is Satsuki ?


This is a total load of SH!T!! He bought an apartment with Satski in NY months after filming wrapped. Go to Just Jared or any other site with pap pics and you'll see them together in pics during and AFTER filming wrapped on Dream House. They were together until may or June of last year. And I can't believe how many people are willing to believe this garbage and not check sources before they crucify someone they dont know!


am a d. craig fan, but just leaving her like that? he needed to man up and tell her. he was even living with her!

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