Rodney King Charged Following DUI Arrest

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Rodney King has been charged with misdemeanor DUI, according to reports.

Stemming from his arrest July 12 in Riverside County, Calif., King was charged after officers claim they witnessed Rodney committing "multiple infractions."

Police eventually suspected he was under the influence and arrested him. King told CNN he was under the influence of a "medical marijuana prescription."

Rodney King Mug Shot

Rodney King was added to our celebrity mugshots gallery shortly thereafter.

If convicted, the famous police brutality victim whose beating at the hands of four cops sparked the early '90s L.A. riots could be facing some serious jail time.

He has a prior DUI and other incidents with the law on his record.


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As bad as Rodney was treated in California, he should have left there and Never returned. I can easily believe that he will continue to have mental issues because of being hit so many times to the head. I do Not know whether drinking help him to cope, but being under the influence whether it be alcohol or prescription drugs is a combination for disaster that might other innocent people getting seriously injured or killed. Hopefully at some point, Mr. King will find some peace from the infamous trauma that had dogged his life!!

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