Robyn Gardner "Heavily Intoxicated" Just Hours Before Disappearance, Report States

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Missing Maryland woman Robyn Gardner was seen hours before her disappearance in Aruba, and appeared "heavily intoxicated," according to ABC News.

She was last seen alive in an Aruban restaurant, under two hours before her companion, Gary Giordano, reported her missing during a snorkeling trip.

Giordano remains in custody in an Aruban jail and is the lone suspect in Gardner's disappearance, although he has not yet been charged with a crime.

Gardner, Giordano

The active search for Robyn Gardner has been called off.

Aruban police have said they believe Gardner is dead.

Eyewitnesses said Gardner seemed "woozy" at the restaurant and barely ate. A worker thought it was odd that she went snorkeling, since Gardner "seemed so perfectly put together," referring to her clothing, hair and make-up.

ABC News has obtained the last known pictures of Gardner, 35, to be taken before her disappearance at the Rum Reef Bar & Grill on August 2.

These are NOT the graphic photos on Giordano's camera that have raised suspicions in the weeks since the investigation into the case began.

Gardner's cousin, Kelly Reed, and Robyn's live-in boyfriend, Richard Forester, both recognized her in the photos "with 100 percent certainty."

The time stamp on the photo is 6:12, less than two hours before Giordano returned to the restaurant to report that Gardner had disappeared.

Follow the link for ABC's full report.


The first thing this woman should have done when she met this turkey was have a check run on him by the police, a lawyer, or on the computer. Pay for it if necessary. Then run like Hell in the opposite direction. He has a rather lurid record regarding women. Had she done that simple thing she might still be alive. Maybe one day folks are going to wake up to the risks of meeting people online without the appropriate checks. Dumb, dumber, dumbest.


Why are people still going to Aruba? Obviously the "companion" had something to do with her disappearance. People need to stay away from Aruba. Apparently it's cursed.


She was drinking and impaired and the a**hole companion took her snorkeling. Criminally negligent at the very least. She did not have to die. This is very sad.


I have been following this case... Gary Giordano definitely had something to do with the disappearance of this poor girl... hope the truth about it all comes out soon.