Robert Pattinson on Edward Cullen: Sort of a P-ssy!

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Edward Cullen, lame? Who would dare make such an accusation?!?

Robert Pattinson, that's who.

In the latest Entertainment Weekly - the publication's Fall Movie Review, on newsstands tomorrow - the actor jokes around about his iconic Twilight Saga character and seems to take issue with some of his decisions. Simply put, Rob says:

"There are a lot of moments when Edward sort of acts like a p-ssy."

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Such as? Consider this a SPOILER ALERT, but he has an example: When Bella's pregnancy makes her violently ill, yet she still wants Jacob (Taylor Lautner) around...

“My wife is dying, I have completely f-cked up my life and hers, and Jacob’s like [To Bella] ‘Hey, baby, you don’t look too bad to me.' And I’m just sitting there, like, with a bucket collecting [Bella’s] vomit. That really wouldn’t happen. I should have thrown the vomit at him.”

LOL, Rob cracks us up. Pick up the latest issue of EW for a lot more on Breaking Dawn.

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edward sort of p*ssy cuz a non p*ssy guy would throw the vomit at jacob ! Rob u r so yummy ! X :)


i love rob idea at throwing the vomit at jacob but then bella might get angry at edward because everyone knows that she's still in love with that a**hole jacob black!!!!!!!!!!!


LOL, it's so funny to read people's comments about this...because let's be honest I love the saga and Rob as Edward..but he's kinda right...I mean we love him...Edward i mean...that way, because he's so sweey and cute and all that, and all he cares about is Bella...but any other man would act like a man...and that means throwing Bella's vomit to


If I would be Bella I would be all about Edward. He's a traditional gentlemen. The Shakespeare of our Era. He would be Mr. Forever and Jacob is more like Mr. Right Now. Edward sees things so differently than most people. He really found love with Bella and is willing to anything for her. He doesn't even want her to feel an ounce of pain. Which is why I can't wait for the birth scene. Edward is perfect. And Rob is so funny. I've seen so many of his interviews and he's a joker. Its soo great to see some celebs that are real and have a great personality. He even admitted he was aiming at being a rapper and he would rap about living in the streets when in reality he grew up in a great lovely part of London. LOL He looks like he fills the room with a wonderful aura just being around him. You go Rob with your bad GEORGOUS self! Love the Twilight Saga. N Rob ur sooo yummy! ;)


I'm confused as to how some people posting comments on this forum can become so unglued over fictitious characters and storylines that they can be provoked into calling other people names so unworthy of being posted that they must resort to a whole lot of this sort of thing: f**'n this, a*****s that, stupid this, blah-blah-blah that. Please,won't some of you just knock it off already with the name-calling and getting your knickers in a twist over what is, after all, just a fairy tale? It's really not that big a deal that it's worth aqcting like a jackarse over any of it, OK?It's totally OK when a person posts an opinion that just happens to be at variance with your own, you know.Nobody is going to die over any of it, so calm down. It'll aaaall be OK, I promise. Now: Ssssshhh.


Edward is far to great to ever be a pu$$y. When you actually love someone....and I'm talking about the true love.....soul mate type of love. You would do whatever makes your soul mate happy, regardless of what it is. Edward is over 100 years old and he has met alot of different people, so when you find that one's amazing on what you will put up with.


At least Rob has some sense. Really, Edward's reaction over the whole situation is ridiculous. And, to add to the comments about "African American" vamps... first of all, one MAJOR thing in any vampire legend is that vampires are incredibly pale. Always. No matter what. So I actually find it ridiculous that even Laurent has dark skin. It isn't a racial thing, it's supposed to follow the legend... though, I guess that Stephanie Meyer didn't really even do that in the first place.


No... Edward is Not a p*ssy for being so calm... remember... he is over 100 years old and has far more maturity and experiences than Jacob... who is only about 17 years old at this point. I think the Edward character comes across as extremely patient and secure and YUMMY ! And yet... with all his patience, you simply understand he would do ANYTHING to protect Bella from harm... be still my beating heart !!


rob has a sarcastic sense of humor. Hahaha!! Edward is not a pussy, he's just in Loveland with Bella. Obviously, for those who believed it have no logical understanding of what's the Saga is all about and Edward's character.. Guys, if you have no idea of what you're talking about, just fuck off and leave us fucking alone!!!


@TMac, you're an idiot. You obivously haven't read Breaking Dawn. There will be a vampire of every color, every country, and every descent in Breaking Dawn 2 movie. Geez, when you don't know what you're talking about, just keep your mouth shut!!

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