Rihanna Sex Tape With J. Cole: Allegedly Real!

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We know Rihanna loves to get her freak on, but on tape? Possibly. Hustler alleges it has a sex video featuring the "S&M" singer with rapper J. Cole.

The adult company Hustler confirms to E! that it has a sex tape of the Barbadian beauty, showing sex acts filmed earlier this year, in its possession.

Reports claim the Rihanna sex tape in question co-stars rapper J. Cole, who opened for the pop star on her 2011 Loud tour. So is this the real deal?

Rihanna Live in Concert

Hustler tells E! News, "We have not made any decisions about what we are going to do with it yet." Rihanna tells a dramatically different story.

"We don't believe U, U need more people. AND of course an actual sextape! #slownewsday," she tweeted, denying there is any such video.

A source close to Rihanna, meanwhile, tells E! the story is "not true."

This isn't the first such story surrounding RiRi. Remember the alleged Rihanna nude photos that surfaced right after the Chris Brown incident?

No? We do. You can see them by following the link above. As for the sex tape, it's probably a fabrication of Hustler's PR machine. And fantasies.

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Riri you are nothing but a whore


Rihanna is a pathetic nut job! She has a terrible body, a huge forehead, and from what I hear, Herpes! Also she is not a very good singer. She pretends to like sex and loves to get freaky!!! So what? She's nothing... a no talent nobody in my opinion. With an ass that big and hips and thighs that huge, I'll put money on the fact that her &^$$y smalls and tastes really, really bad!!!


That means Rihanna has now become a pornstar


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am ok with her


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Riri luv u gal!even the sex tape iz for real we will luv u more!


That is good.

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