Rihanna, J. Cole Deny Sex Tape on Twitter

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It's like they always say:

Grainy screen shots of a woman with bright red hair getting busy with a man who looked a lot like a rapper who just lost his phone does not a sex tape make.

Despite what Hustler claims, there is no Rihanna sex tape, according to the singer and J. Cole. His lost cellphone contained the tape, Media Takeout reported.

Not the case, they say. His phone was lost, but this wasn't on it.

The "S&M" singer clearly has a good sense of humor about the sex tape rumors, while J. Cole seemed less amused in his denial. Here are their Tweets:

Rihanna J Cole Tweets

Hoopz is a grown ass women, and Im tired of ppolee tring to talk down on her. People just wish they were in her shoes. Hey i feel like shit happens, everybody not perfect. She just trusted sombody that didnt respect her. To hoopz girl stay strong girl, and forgot what evrybody say!

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