Reports: Rick Perry to Run For President, Announce Bid Saturday

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Texas Republican Rick Perry, the nation's longest-serving governor, is running for President and will announce his bid in the coming days, according to reports. 

In a crushing blow to Stephen Colbert-backed Rick Parry, Perry's people are putting out the word that he will declare his candidacy in a speech on Saturday.

Saturday is the day of the Iowa straw poll, featuring GOP candidates such as Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney. Perry will speak from South Carolina.

Rick Perry

CNN, citing an unnamed Republican familiar with Perry's plans, noted that "previous reports had indicated that Perry would use a speech at the conservative RedState Gathering in Charleston to make his intentions clear."

That language is somewhat vague, but the Republican source went on to add that Rick Perry, 61, "will be in the Republican presidential race on Saturday."

President Barack Obama is also running for re-election.

Perry will bemaking weekend appearances in New Hampshire and Iowa, the two states with the opening contests in the race for the GOP nomination.

Fox is also reporting Perry's imminent announcement, citing sources as saying "this is it" and Perry will make "a definitive announcement Saturday."

The Texan will attempt to unite the Republicans' fiscally and socially conservative wings and tout his job-creation record in the Lone Star State.

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not sure what the author means by "In a crushing blow to Stephen Colbert-backed Rick Parry"...Colbert's Rick PArry is the same as Texas' Rick Perry... It is not a 'fictional' political candidate, it is meant to be counted as a vote-in vote for Rick Perry, but in order for Colbert's Super PAC to show it has more influence than the other Super PCA's (most not even located in Iowa, such as "Jobs for Iowa PAC) who are also vying for Rick Perry's endorsement and access to his MULTI-million dollar constituents...Just saying 'Free Britney', I know you are a blog writer, and clearly write about topics you have no business in discussing, check your facts


Your ignorance on how to spell 'candidate' and your inability to use real words instead of your text-an language, is nearly as shameful as your statement that you will ' go wit obama again'. Use your brain. Study the political stance of each RUNNING candidate. Compare the good and bad. Make an informed decision on who will be best for our country.....or perhaps, who will do the least harm.


i didnt know he was so old. My fav repub at this point is still mitt. Im pretty sure ima go wit obama again but if a repub canidate can prove they can operate without bowing dwn to the tea party every step ill def have a open mind. I wont make a decision until the debates. I need to kno wat the job creation plan actually is from each canidate. I wish there was a thrd party running. I think bernie sanders independent senator from vermont wud make a excellent pres but hes nt running :(