Report: Brad Pitt "Blowing Off," Hardly Speaking With Angelina Jolie

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On August 6, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie celebrated their son Maddox’s 10th birthday. But there wasn't much celebrating to be had between them.

The Jolie-Pitts sat in the orchestra section and reserved extra seats for privacy to see the hit musical Wicked at London’s Apollo Victoria Theatre.

Lucky for the other patrons that they did so. Why?

Separate Lives

A source at the theater tells OK! (yeah, we know):

“Maddox looked so uncomfortable after about 20 minutes and tried to get his parents’ attention - while his sister Shiloh was scared and crying.”

“Brad and Angelina turned very tense the whole time. They hardly spoke, and as soon as the show was over, they went their separate ways.”

That about sums up Brangelina these days.

The wedding buzz may swirl around the couple, but they’ve been leading separate lives in London as Brad films his zombie thriller, World War Z.

When he's not filming, sources say he spends off-hours with pals, in particular a mysterious young assistant who we've reported on before.

“Angelina is seething!” the insider says. “When she rearranged her schedule and flew to London to be with Brad, she imagined they’d be having romantic dinners and hanging out together on the set, and he’s basically blowing her off.”

In Angie’s view, Brad is basically a bad boyfriend.

“They had plans; then he’s left her hanging at the last minute,” the source says of the pair. “For instance, they were supposed to go to this French restaurant."

"Angie got all dressed up. Then he called and canceled.”

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Everyone has their bad days! Check out Brad Pitt in the artsy Tree of Life..where he plays a not so nice daddy and's also about the death of a son at age 19.


Well comes to show that what comes around goes around (sooner or later). I've always felt bad for Jen. But Angie thought she had her way?! LOL Look b*tch, he did leave his wife for you. But read this statement again...HIS WIFE! He put a ring on her finger not yours n probably never will! Its soo sad you got knocked up and he still don't wanna marry your ass. Jen may have suffered and cried after he left her for this. But let's see 10 years down the line who will be the miserable one suffering?


So, let me see if I've got this right.....for "PRIVACY" they sit in a crowded theater with
a circle of open space all around them. Way to hide out kids!!


angie reminds me of the wicked stepmother i grew up enduring, nightmares still haunt me......... eeeeeeeeeeecccckkkkkkkkkk! and so why would brad give up a sweetie like jennifer for the bitch in heat? hhhhhhhhhhhhaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa angie....
turn about is fair play.... try not to haunt anyone else!


What come around Go's around, it's called KARMA !!!!


for some jelous persons lyk me, it feels good to hear that such beautiful A-lister couple are drifting apart. yipee...


i neva get on the angie-brad thing but when jennifer filmed her last friends episode brad was nowhere in sight and it did make me think that hes nt such a great guy. Even if problems were happening then he shud have been there for her and i think it was really rude he wasnt no matter the circumstances bc at that point they were still married. Nt surprised if this is tru but take it wit a grain of salt.

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