Report: Brad Pitt "Blowing Off," Hardly Speaking With Angelina Jolie

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On August 6, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie celebrated their son Maddox’s 10th birthday. But there wasn't much celebrating to be had between them.

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    Why r people surprised, he left his wife for jolie. Come on people u reap what u sow.


    mudrake2 .i have never , ibeen bi/pol 30 year i have always loved my children and my husband nothing like what you talk about .


    Love The couple! Hope there not breaking up!


    You readers of such asinine tabs, etc. so eager to believe the lies and misinformation, always proven absurd, consistently insist on believing anything that plays into your unreasonable hatred, as if any of you are privy to their personal life. And even misread normal behavior and body language to fit your prejudices and bias. Your ridiculous comments and postings based on equally ridiculous and unfounded rumors and gossip, questions the lot of you and your mental and emotional health.
    Why is hatred of these people, you don't know, preferable to the reality that surrounds them?


    Whatever personal issues Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have...put them aside, but not in front of their own children. Especially at their son's birthday party.


    OK magazine is about as lousy as the magazines get. This article reeks of falseness. How could the magazine KNOW what Angelina was thinking. REread it and you'll see what I mean. What a bunch of malarky.


    What comes around goes around Angie cheated with other people while those people were married .Angie did this before with Billy Bob when he was With Laura Dern and then with Brad when he was with Jen .Angie really think she's soo special like Brad wasn't going to do it to her.Karmas a bitch.


    I like Jennifer but after nearly ten years of constantly crying about how Brad left her or how Angelina stole him, its time to give it up. Also, judging from the slew of bad relationships (Jon Mayer, that British model no one seemed to like, and now to creepy Justin Theroux) she might really want to take a moment and wonder, Is it me that might be causing my relationship to sink like the Titanic? Maybe she should consider finding a regular guy. It worked for Brooke Shields. I'm free.


    yall r CRAZY on this site, but yall kno nxt week/mth, they'll b happy...AGAIN


    They are a good looking couple. i wish they'd adopt me so i can see Wicked!! i've never seen a play in London!! They were probably scared..the riots would have still been going on!!

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