Reggie Bush Texting, Pleading for Kim Kardashian Rekonciliation, Tabloid Klaims

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We knew it!!!!

Now that Reggie Bush is making his living in a city often frequented by Kim Kardashian, an insider tells Life & Style that the Dolphins running back wants to try again with his ex, August 20 wedding to Kris Humphries be damned.

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"He's been sending text messages to Kim and leaving her voice mails, telling her she's making a mistake and that he's the one for her," a source says.

Bush may be "begging" Kardashian for another chance, this mole claims, but "she's truly moved on" and is excited topad her bank accountmarry Humphries in just over a week.

But should she be? Or should she get back together with Bush?


Reggie bush needs to leave kim kardashin nad kris humphries alone she has moved on with her life and she is very happy and she loves her man kris so reggie back off dude you will never get another chance with kim she does not want you so move on and let her be stop trying to ruin her wedding and her relationship Move On Reggie .... It is Over ! .


Reggie Bush *ain't hardly trying to get or keep in touch with Kim K. Her fake wedding announcement takes him off the hook for having to even be associated with her Name any longer. Kim K. is so desperate for a man, any man to marry her, that she is willing to marry the first goof to come along and agree with her to get married!!


Yes and Ange and Brad broke up and Jen is pregnant and J-Lo is back with Ben.


If this is true then Reggie is the biggest Duchelord on the planet why beg to get back with an ex porn star? However this does sound like Kim or her disgusting mother leaking fake stories to hype up the fake wedding!

Wv peach

So she's spending somewhere near 20 million for this facade, yet people are bankrupt, homeless, jobless, and hungry both here and afar. Help me understand why this idiot is relevant? Obviously, I shall not watch.


Reggie must be soooo tired of this ho calling his name every second. wow! move on KK


I think its the reverse. Kims being texting him for moms, praying he comes back to her before she makes plays out the biggest farce in 2011. lmao! great way to try and drum up ratings. hahahahahaha! pathetic


This is a hoot! Facebook Madness - Boycott the Kardashian Wedding. Apparently momentum behind this and rumor has it that Kris J. worried that ratings for the 4 hours special will be low as a result.


No he's not. He gave her the boot to begin with. Give me a break.

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