Rebecca Black Performs, Doesn't Suck on America's Got Talent

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It was, perhaps, the most surprising result on America's Got Talent last night: Rebecca Black took the stage and put on a perfectly decent performance.

Granted, the entire mash-up of "Friday" and "My Moment" lasted for barely more than a minute. But, hey, hopefully it was enough to silence those jerks at Black's former school, as the singer recently admitted she was yanked from classes due to bullying.

Watch Rebecca perform below. Not the worst thing you've ever seen, right?


She sucks. Really, really sucks. I mean OK great she tried. And failed. Miserably. Her parents should have had the common decency to tell her that she doesn't have the musical chops to sing, never mind sing this atrocious piece of garbage. She probably deserves whatever she's kind of grief she's getting for being so stupid and clueless for not realizing just how absolutely awful this "artistic effort" is. Sadly yet another no talent, pathetic attention whore put on display to the delight of the unwashed masses. Sad commentary on our society indeed.


I honestly dont know why people say she sucks & she has a horrible songs. If you actually think about it every singer there is out there these days isn't that good at all. Like Ke$ha she drenches or voice in auto-tune but people are saying Rebecca sucks but they like all of these other trashy singers these days who use auto-tune & show no sign of talent ? They say she has stupid songs ? Gee half of the songs these days are annoying & make NO sense


......its still the same....i rather the auto helps


Rebecca Black is a great person and this was pretty good. She's also very funny and millions really like her.

Mia tetangco

Not bad. But not good, either. I mean, come back when you've gotten a lot better, man. You're 14 years old; quit rushing.


i dont think hse sounds bad at all- just had a bad first song ut she isnt a bad singer. if you want an atrocious singer listen to courtney stodden! sounds like a giant orgy of cats in heat...


we haven't seen it all, i think she has potential, and the way she performed at AGT it's not bad at all, i liked it


Rebecca black should not be bullied. Who the hell is anyone to judge her? But at the same time, her music ablities are underwhelming.

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