Ray J's Sister to Guest Star on 90210

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The sister of the man who made Kim Kardashian famous will play a key role on 90210 next season.

Brandy Norwood, who got her big break on UPN's Moesha and who has been starring in a VH1 reality show with brother Ray J, will come on board The CW hit this fall as Marissa Jackson-Lewis, a liberal politician running for congress in California.

Brandy Norwood Pic

Insiders describe the character as a "cross between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama." Hmmm... we wonder how they came up with those descriptions.

Brandy has appeared on Dancing with the Stars and told the world in 2010 that she hasn't had sex in a long time.

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@Hilton and yo fellas you shocked the hell out of us. I dont know about America but here in Africa Brandy is a very big name with a huge followin than her brother. Who brought someone into spotlight, wasnt it Brandy man? Come on get a life and dont let your male chauvinism deter progress. You actually shocked a lot of your page's followers here. We deserve an apology for wrongly addressing our Queen.


HA! you mention Ray J and Kim Kardashian's names before the name of the person whom the article is actually about?! If you don't know who Brandy Norwood is, chances are... you're an idiot! :-) #teamBrandy


Wow?! "Ray J's Sister"?? How disrespectful. Billboard lists her as one of the best selling R&B acts ever and you can't even mention her name in the headline? 25 million albums sold, a #1 rated sitcom, and 3 movies later and this is type of mention she gets? wow....


Firstly, Brandy DID NOT get her big break on Moesha. She got Moesha because she released a PLATINUM album when she was like 14. Ray-j was nothing more then a extra on her videos. Get real guys! Secondly, Ray-J is a jackass.


I'm a little mad that you guys listed her as "Ray J's sister." Umm.. Her name is Brandy Norwood and she was making hits and won a Grammy's far before we even knew who Ray J was.


Ur right but come on now he's a douche he isn't even relevant in 2011


@astar: I think Kim would know Ray J's talented ass... if you know what I mean!!! (If not, you can purchase the video.)


Wow she does have a name thg.....she is who made ray j ....if it wasn't for him being her brother who would know his talentless ass.....Smh....the headline should include her name....

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