Ray J Text to Kim Kardashian: You're Welcome!

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If this story is true, Ray J is officially the coolest dude ever...

Sources say Kris Jenner is "irate" over a text message her daughter received on her wedding day... because it came from her ex-boyfriend and it read: "And to think you really have me to thank for all this ;-)"

All of this, of course, is a reference to Kim's ridiculously lavish wedding, one that netted her about $18 million and one that was just a slightly bigger deal than her first marriage to Damon Thomas, which just happened to take place before she had sex with Ray J on camera.

Kim Kardashian Superstar

We'll take any excuse we can get to remind the world why Kim is famous.

Since that videotaped pounding, of course, Kim has gone on to star in a reality show... create a brand around her name, breasts and social networking... and create an event last weekend that received more attention than the latest casualty report in Afghanistan.

It also practically crashed Kim K Superstar, which is downright hilarious.

Ray J, meanwhile, acknowledges sending a text to Kim, but wouldn't elaborate on its contents. He simply said of his ex and Kris Humphries: "I wish them the best. She's doing real good right now, that what it is."


I feel that everybody should be happy for them kim dont even no you for you to be so jealous of her life you should check yourself and get like her lol somethimg is wrong with you......


It is sooooo obvious that Kim favors and falls in love with Black men -- but she married a white one? Doesn't that strike the world as a bit suspicious? Oh well, that's fine as long as they live happily ever after. Kim seems like a sweet person, mature, laid-back and lovely, so I trust that she will be genuine in her marriage. I'm more worried about Kris!


It doesn't matter who you are or what you do, people will still hate, now that's real. For you people who judge Kim for her father works, we all know you're just haters. F**k them all Kim. Just do you, be happy.CONGRATS


stupid post Lola.Kris will not read the trash you wrote.You talk about being nasty what do you think your insults are? None of what the Kardashians do or how they live their life is your business.You are a hater and that hatred is destructive in the long run.You will say and think whatever.Who cares what you say. You are a jealous loser and Kris has no more germs than you do.If you hate them so much do not watch the show or read articles about them or look at pictures of them.That said you are pathetic


I will buy anything I want and if I want to buy their clothes at Sears or Kim 's perfume I will. I do not care who made them.And you do not neef to tell people what to buy and fuck off yourself bobo witch


I don't understand what it is with all the hatred over Kim Kardashian. Yes, she made a sex tape and I may add most of our population has committed making at least once in their lives. Hers, just happened to get leaked, and made her name KNOWN. After that, WE, made her famous by giving her so much damn attention. After the spot light was put on her, she started creating a name for herself. Which lead her to the fame she has now. She's made mistakes, and I'm sure we've all have our own fair share on those, so who are we to judge and criticize? Get over yourselves, and get over the Kardashians. She's making her money.


Kim, Kris Humphines is with u & only marrying u to be in da spot light. He's cashing in on some of the fame to be seen & notice. Bcuz he's not in love with u. He's only useing u Kim.....Sorry ;~(.... Thatz so sad!!!


What everyone does not want to hear the truth? Fuck off- The Kardashians are a bunch of thugs. Do not buy their shit? Did you know Walmart makes their clothes? Fuck everyone!


bobobitch you never shutup so rude.kymKarskashgems you are rude and hateful Kim has nothing to do with her father's past legal representation if OJ.And none if this or anything to do with her life is not your business.


bobobitch you never shutup so rude.kymKarskashgems you are rude and hateful Kim has nothing to do with her father's past legal reptesentation if OJ.And none if this or anything to do with her life is not your business.

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