Ray J Text to Kim Kardashian: You're Welcome!

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If this story is true, Ray J is officially the coolest dude ever...

Sources say Kris Jenner is "irate" over a text message her daughter received on her wedding day... because it came from her ex-boyfriend and it read: "And to think you really have me to thank for all this ;-)"

All of this, of course, is a reference to Kim's ridiculously lavish wedding, one that netted her about $18 million and one that was just a slightly bigger deal than her first marriage to Damon Thomas, which just happened to take place before she had sex with Ray J on camera.

Kim Kardashian Superstar

We'll take any excuse we can get to remind the world why Kim is famous.

Since that videotaped pounding, of course, Kim has gone on to star in a reality show... create a brand around her name, breasts and social networking... and create an event last weekend that received more attention than the latest casualty report in Afghanistan.

It also practically crashed Kim K Superstar, which is downright hilarious.

Ray J, meanwhile, acknowledges sending a text to Kim, but wouldn't elaborate on its contents. He simply said of his ex and Kris Humphries: "I wish them the best. She's doing real good right now, that what it is."


Ray J is gonna pay 4 wat he did 2 kim


I can't hear anything over the sound of how awesome this aritlce is.


the marriage seems staged imo. but the sex tape.. hummm, Ive had sex on camera with my boyfriend before, also taken naked photos and gave them to him, so I can totally understand why she did it. Kim is ok. i dont see why people make such a huge deal out of it.. I too, think its jealousy


To Coleesha, Kim's husband is half black and half white.


I can't figure out why people hate on Kim K. for becoming ridiculously famous for a sextape with a man that was her boyfriend!! How many of you HOES have done more for free?!!!! At least she got paid, and Ray J. is still looking for his next 15 minutes of fame. I say ......good deal Kim K.!!!! All you haters can piss and moan, and ya'll asses will still be BROKE!!!!!


@Lola.. I agree with you as well!!! I seen this video and Kim K is a HOE and if is what made her famous, this world is a sad place.. She new the video was being taken by Ray J, its obvious, she is all about the camera even while she is b****** Ray J...


Jayde. It is none of your business if people like the Kardashians or not. You can like someone without condoning unacceptable behavior. Shame on you for being too judgemental.


Lola - amen tell it like it is!
Kim should thank Ray J without her nobody would know who she or her attention starved family was - since Ray J cant pee on Kim any more she should send him a diamond encrusted toilet to pee in instead.
There is nothing respectable about making a porn tape to become famous Kims fans who condone her filthy behaviour are just as messed up and disgusting as she and her family are.. Shame on you all


I Agree Lola,This Is The Truth,Amen!!!


@ coolesha, Kris is of mixed race one black parent one white. Also that would be hilarious if he really did send a text like that but I doubt it. If she's happy, so be it. I think most of the hate comes from the fact that we haven't figured out how to become millionaries by doing nothing. I mean I guess we can all do a C list celeb and "leak" the tape.

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