Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket to Attend MJ Tribute Concert

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Michael Jackson's kids are planning on attending the upcoming MJ Tribute Concert in person. This in spite of objections from two of their uncles.

Prince, Paris and Blanket have all decided that they want to fly to Wales for the event, regardless of what Jermaine and Randy Jackson think.

An Jackson family rep tells TMZ: "Paris, Blanket and Prince have been asked to attend the MJ Tribute in Wales and they have decided to go."

Jackson Kids

The rep adds that the kids are "extremely excited and they're hoping they will have the opportunity to contribute in some way by making a speech."

"Nothing has been set in stone, but they really hope they can."

Jermaine and Randy are fighting their attendance, as well as the concert itself, which they consider "inappropriate," given that the event is due to take place in October during the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.

We can see that side of it, but at the same time, Michael's kids - who are said to be so happy these days - should be allowed to honor his memory.

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im just waiting to see them specially princeeeeeeeeeeee


Go for it!!! Sounds like It's gonna be one blasting tribute!!!


That is their decision if the want to go they can go and nobody has a right to stop them they are not in jail nor were they ever.


I say the kids should go blanket of all people have No business in a court room reliving what happened to their father. Nothing is going to bring Michael back so I don't see why the kids should b there. As for the so called doc I hope u get what you deserve for taking a man from a world where he was loved so much if u get away with this like Casey Anthony got away with murder you will have to answer to a higher authority one day to the man who knows all R.I.P MICHAEL


O.K. Let Michael R.I.P. however be kind to these Lovely children of his, let them do whatever they want to that makes them happy, the family is just doing what they feel is right for them, I don't think they will feel any better sitting in trial listening to all the negatives that will be said in court, true or not, bottom line is this so-called Dr. SHOULD NOT HAVE A TRIAL, GIVE HIM THE SAME DOSE HE GAVE MICHAEL !!!!! With NO CHANCE IN HELL of him getting out of it ALIVE !!!!! He deserves DEATH A>S>A>P>!!!!!


Just to clarify, not saying they should be taken out of school permanently...maybe just until that trial mess is over. :(


I think the kids should go. They'll likely have to be taken out of school for it, and IMO, that's a good thing. Kids can be pretty cruel, and so can adults for that matter. The kids should get away during the trial mess.


Its nobodys decision but theirs. But.. who is the other guy ? Prodigious Incognious Bodygaurd would be no surprise


I agree @ Kelleigh, the defense will do their best to descredit Michael in any way they can through this trial and the media here will as usual focus on the negative assertions, never on the truth. I hope that the family keeps the children occupied with other events through the trial, especially those that shed a positive light on their father.


Anna, the perfume wont be coming from MJ'S father. For Joseph it's all pipe dreams. The perfume is coming from the Michael Jackson estate actually. Yeah, poor MJ, can't find peace even in death. But I still luv him.

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