Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Response: What Did You Think?

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The bad news for Pretty Little Liars fans: we must wait four months until a new season two episode airs.

The good news: last night's summer finale gave viewers plenty to ponder and debate until January.

Three Pretty Little Liars

Did Jenna and Garrett really kill Alison? What does Mr. Hastings want Jason to keep secret? Are Ezra and Aria over? What about Spencer and Toby? Will we see Dr. Sullivan again? What was the point of Mike's storyline? How scary are dolls?

And, right: Who the heck is A?!?

Our friends at TV Fanatic have posted a slew of Pretty Little Liars spoilers for the back half of the season, but we just want readers to weigh in now: What did you think of this finale?


Freaking epic I was at the edge of bed the whole time watching this episode. Jenna I can't stand her I hope in january she gets her karma she is just as bad as Alison was I can't believe that Jason is spencer and melissa half brother . Epic love this show I just wish we didn't have to wait intill january I wish it was sooner


It was crazy I want to see what happens next so bad.