POLL: Who Should Be the Next Bachelor?

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With Ashley Hebert engaged as of The Bachelorette season finale, J.P. Rosenbaum is officially spoken for. But four good catches from this season are not.

Will one of them be selected as the star of The Bachelor this winter?

Already a fan favorite, runner-up Ben Flajnik would surely be a strong choice, having won over viewers on the finale and After the Final Rose special last night.

Ames Brown would be great, too. Everyone loves Ames! Don't discount the Greek God, Constantine Tzortis, either. Ashley even suggested Ryan Park somehow.

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Of course, as we saw last time when runner-up Chris Lambton turned down the gig, ABC could go in a different direction. Third time's the charm, Brad?

We kid ... mostly. Stranger things have happened. Odds are that the show goes with one of these four, however. Which, if any, would you like to see? Vote:

Who should star as The Bachelor next season?


Ben! It must be Ben. He truly evolved into a serious, funny, inteligent young man right before our eyes. I loved his parting line when he said "Don't sugar coat it". "It's always bad (?sad) when something good comes to an end". He was expressing his emotions honestly. Right up there with Rhett's "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn". I just hope he has moved forward enough at this time to find happiness with another lucky girl.


These are great, did you think of having older couples fixed up, be nice to meet those that want to spend the rest of their life with. as we are in 40.(I am45)not old and alot life left, I have alot going for me. However, many would turn there head because they would think I am looking for a father. Not the case, I need friend, partner, enjoy life beyound the time kids leave the nest. Please think about us middle age beauty too:)


I really think it should be someone new. We had "recicled" contestants long enough.


My wife says that Ryan should definitely be the next Bachelor. She says he is intelligent and enterprising -- he has built up his own company from nothing to a business that employs 600 people. He has a positive and outgoing disposition. These strengths were never truly appreciated by Ashley. My wife would like to see a house full of women who can match his outstanding attributes -- women who are not only physically beautiful but beautiful in mind and spirit as well. A gathering of women on Ryan's level would make for a truly memorable Bachelor season. I myself would like to see what women, in a group, make of Ryan's energy and activism -- i.e., his interest in the larger world. I'm tired of women who think only of romance or only of themselves. It would be interesting to see romance between two activists.


I think it should be Mickey all the way, his so damn handsome and any woman would be lucy to be with him...watching a whole season of him would be heaven


To Chris, Are you insane, anger issues, how about you try proposing and being rejected. He handled it perfectly. He had a right to be mad. He walked away with his dignity. We have a phrase where I come from, wash your dirty laundry at home, not on the street. He held back sharing his emotions unlike many others that make fools of themselves coming off the show. Ben is the first genuine person I have seen on this show and I really hope that bring him back as the bachelor and that they bring girls that are genuine. To the bachelor, this season, other then the Bentley thing, is what we want to see. Less drama and more real life people. This was the best season yet because all of the final guys were really genuine guys that you could tell weren't putting on an act.


Some rich dude. So sick of the bachelor and bachelorette recycling players!!


OH RYAN for sure..he's the COOLEST guy


ANYONE but Ben, man he has anger management issues, overly arrogant and zero class. What a sore loser. Ryan and Ames would be much better choices.


Me thinks it should be Ben all the way!!!

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