POLL: Who Should Be the Next Bachelor?

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With Ashley Hebert engaged as of The Bachelorette season finale, J.P. Rosenbaum is officially spoken for. But four good catches from this season are not.

Will one of them be selected as the star of The Bachelor this winter?

Already a fan favorite, runner-up Ben Flajnik would surely be a strong choice, having won over viewers on the finale and After the Final Rose special last night.

Ames Brown would be great, too. Everyone loves Ames! Don't discount the Greek God, Constantine Tzortis, either. Ashley even suggested Ryan Park somehow.

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Of course, as we saw last time when runner-up Chris Lambton turned down the gig, ABC could go in a different direction. Third time's the charm, Brad?

We kid ... mostly. Stranger things have happened. Odds are that the show goes with one of these four, however. Which, if any, would you like to see? Vote:

Who should star as The Bachelor next season?


Ames all the way!!!!! He is such a sweet guy and deserves to find love!!!! Any woman would be lucky to get a guy like Ames!!!! So if Ames is the next bachelor and you go on the show treat him right!! He is a sweetheart and would never hurt anyone on purpose!!! Unlike some of the jerks that have been on there! 💙💜💛💗💚�💓💘🌟✨�💋


How about that guy who had the big list for Emily and she let him go. He was alot more savy than she was!! She let him go! early....
he's HOT!


I would like to see Lerone as the next Bachelor. Do I here an amen.


HI I THIKN THE next Bachelor sholod be Ames Brown


Ames, all the way, 100% plus...........WOW!


I'm sorry, but Aimes reminds me of a fish! He is sweet, but too dorky.


I think Constantine all the way!! What a hottie!!!!!


Many only watch the bach. pad to see snippets of Ames. Many viewers want to see more of him and are so captivated and taken by him. We don't want all the highschool imature drama. That's a waste of time. Why do you only give Ames a few snippets here and there on the bachlorette when people want to really listen and are intriged by who he is and what he has to say. He has wisdom, is gracious, humble, thinks things through and always seems to have the perfect response. His responses are sometimes witty and lighten the moment. Many Americans want to see romantic love with people of character and interity. Ames seems to love life and make the best - the extraordinary out of the ordinary. We don't want to see immature who are just out tear down others. Pick Ames and you will please many viewers. Even the


THE NEXT BACHELOR should be AMES! He is sophisticated, charming, intelligent, classy, polite, romantic,loves to smile, has a way with words. He is like no one i have ever seen. He is a dream come true. Please, please, make AMES THE NEXT BACHELOR!


Mickey, the guy from ohio...hes a hunk

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