Pitbull on Lindsay Lohan Slam: Just Tryin' to Help!

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Pitbull feels Lindsay Lohan should be thanking him, rather than suing him, for taking a shot at her with a memorable line in his hit song, "Give Me Everything."

On his official fansite, he said, "I was very surprised when I found out about the lawsuit ... at first I read it and I thought, 'This has got to be a joke.'"

Last week LiLo sued Pitbull for wrongfully using her name for commercial gain by using the lyric, "I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan" in the song.

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The rapper says it was all a joke and that he supports Lindsay's career, adding that, "In no way shape or form would I wanna bring that on anyone."

"I didn't look to defamate [sic], degrade or hurt someone's career."

"For me mentioning it ... on the number one record in the world ... I thought it would be helping someone's career and keeping them relevant."

Not an unreasonable point, considering Pitbull is collaborating on what seems like every other song on the radio today. Think about it, Lindsay.

He concluded his discussion of the issue by inviting her to be his guest at the upcoming MTV VMAs. So far, no word if she's taken him up on it.

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The bitch fucked up by not comprehending the lyrics - she's just trying to find a get-rich-quick scheme.. Unfortunately, I only see this as hurting herself once again. The people who listen to Pitbull's music I'm sure we all understood this was far from a dis, now she's trying to sue someone who tried to shed a light in her corner - karma. Pit, I got your back all the way on this one!


I was Bushkar's Campaign Manager when he ran for Class President. We superimposed his head on a bunch of Bushkar for Big Cheese posters. One of them was Kevin Kline from In and Out ...


im not even shockd pitbull said that,wut black man wanna b known as sayn that 2 LiLo(not wut u thought i wuz gonna say),this heifer gets away wit that Caycee Anthony chick!! Lol oh,btw, im not racist...this is LiLo for badness sake


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