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Megan Fox, Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis... Helen Mirren?!?

The 66-year old British actress isn't typically included among the hottest women in the world, unless you take an L.A. Fitness poll. That health club surveyed 2,000 members last month, asking them who possessed the Body of the Year.

And, great dame, Mirren took home the title!

  • Helen Mirren Picture
  • Kelly Brook in a Bikini

Helen Mirren is gorgeous for a 66-year old, but Kelly Brook has two major objections to these results.

The top 10 female celebrities, according to this poll:

  1. Helen Mirren - 17.65%
  2. Elle MacPherson - 10.6%
  3. Kelly Brook -  8.35%
  4. Jennifer Lopez -  6.6%
  5. Cheryl Cole -  5.35%
  6. Myleene Klass -  4.2%
  7. Holly Willoughby -  4.1%
  8. Pippa Middleton -  4%
  9. Kate Winslet -  3.9%
  10. Nicole Scherzinger -  3.8%

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Caleb Followill is currently battling vocal issues and exhaustion. As such, The Kings of Leon are pulling the plug on the rest of their U.S. tour.

A rep for the rock band released a statement saying:

"We are sorry to say that Kings of Leon are canceling their entire US tour due to Caleb Followill suffering from vocal issues and exhaustion."

Kings of Leon Pic

Followill's woes were highlighted when the lead singer walked off the stage in Dallas, Texas, saying he was "going to go backstage for a second, going to vomit, going to drink a beer, and going to come back out and play three more songs."

Caleb did not return, which is when things grew tense between his brothers / band mates. Soon after, the group announced its aforementioned hiatus.

"The band is devastated, but in order to give their fans the shows they deserve, they need to take this break. Unfortunately, the U.S. dates cannot be rescheduled due to international tour dates on the band's schedule."

Tickets will be refunded, at least, and the band will resume touring in Canada on September 28. Here's wishing Caleb a speedy return to health.


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Kim Kardashian has no problem letting cameras into her life or athletes between her legs. But the reality star has to draw the line somewhere.

And that place is apparently at her front gate.

Kim Kardashian and the Girls

A fan showed up at the edge of Kim's property today, and while no incident seems to have gone down, Kardashian did take to Twitter to warn off others. She wrote:

I pride myself in being very open & available to my fans, but the one place I won't interact or tolerate people showing up to is my home. I wont answer my gate & I don’t find it appropriate. This is my personal space & my comfort zone & when that is violated, I have a problem. I luv 2 meet my fans,u mean the world 2 me but I please ask that u don’t show up 2 my home.It scares me&I feel it violates my personal space. Security will be enforced 24hrs a day. Looks like I will be moving soon...

Speaking of violating Kim's personal space -- ok, nevermind. Stalking actually is a serious issues and we agree: chill, fans.


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Lady Gaga appeared on The View Monday, one of the few cases where she struggles to get a word in edgewise or command everyone's attention.

After partaking in the spirited, daily gab-fest with Whoopi, Sherri and Elisabeth, the 25-year-old pop superstar performed a rendition of "You and I."

The music was relatively stripped down (for her), the fashion relatively tame (for her) and her body relatively covered up, but she did great ...

Excerpted Lady Gaga quotes from The View today ...

On the tragic death of British singer Amy Winehouse: "The lesson was for the world to be kinder to the superstar."

On her own past drug use: "I was so embarrassed. I don't do any hard drugs anymore. I am a little part of the green club sometimes."

On an FDA warning about hot dogs increasing the risk of colon cancer: "I think hot dogs are just jealous that cigarettes are more controversial."

On Tim Gunn criticizing Hillary Clinton's 'mannish' clothes: "He's being a bully. I think Hillary Clinton has more important things to worry about than her hemline."

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have not broken up. We write about their relationship for a living and we'd know if this were the case.

Also, your eardrums would be bleeding from the collective teenage girl scream being let out right about now.

But some guy has taken to YouTube and claimed the couple is no longer because Selena caught Justin texting ex-girlfriend Jasmine Villegas. That would be a reasonable cause for a split, no doubt - and this guy runs with it below in order to make his pitch to Gomez.

We somehow doubt she'll be buying...

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NBC is bringing back The Voice after Super Bowl XLVI on February 5.

Following a successful first season of the singing competition won by Javier Colon, the network began plans for a second campaign almost immediately.

Reports that it would follow NBC's presentation of the Super Bowl surfaced last month. Now the Peacock has confirmed the season premiere schedule.

The Voice Finalists

With its entertaining interplay between four big-name judges, unusual format and array of talent, the program became a sleeper hit for NBC this spring.

The Voice will air for one hour after the Super Bowl on February 5, 2012, then return for a two-hour episode the next night (Monday), according to EW.

That will lead into the season premiere of the musical drama Smash.

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Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans hit up a parlor on Hollywood Boulevard Sunday night and got a tattoo bearing her son’s name, Jace, on her wrist.

After a trip to McDonald's, the troubled North Carolina native, 19, decided to get some ink. Evans was later snapped with pals, rocking the tat.

The train wreck should have gotten 8/24 and 9/9 tattooed on her wrists instead. Those are the next two court dates she has to look forward to.


Jenelle Evans looking baked out of her gourd as usual.

Later this month, Jenelle faces a hearing for her alleged probation violation. Reports say Evans tested positive for THC in mid-July, having smoked the weed.

In September, she'll be in court for her assault on Britany Truett.

Maybe instead of getting a tattoo to show how much she supposedly loves Jace, she should actually get her $h!t together and act like a good parent.

Just a suggestion. Moron.

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Thank you, Kendall and Kylie Jenner. The teenagers have given us a reason to stop thinking about their mother's vagina.

These sisters have gone viral with a video that depicts them, along with pals Maddy and Spencer, lip-syncing to Katy Perry's "Firework." It's actually refreshing to see the reality stars act their age for a change.

This is not the first time members of the family have covered Katy. Watch them all make a mockery out of "ET right now!

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People can soon stop asking "Where is Casey Anthony?"

The acquitted murder suspect went into hiding after her July 17 release, with people speculation that she was everywhere from California to the Bahamas.

Thanks to a judge's order, however, Anthony soon will return to her native Orlando, Fla., within the next three days to report to a local probation office.

Casey Anthony, Hair

Orange County Judge Stan Strickland signed court documents requiring Anthony to serve a year of supervised probation on her check fraud charges.

"She should report to probation, probably within 72 hours," Strickland said.

Last year, Srickland sentenced Anthony - then awaiting trial for murder - on charges that she stole a friend's checkbook and forged several checks.

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Brandon Marshall is an immensely talented wide receiver whose personal life and off-the-field antics have often drawn more attention that his touchdown grabs or third down conversions.

But now we know why: the All-Pro sat for 30 minutes with reporters after practice yesterday and said he was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder earlier this year.

"For so long, I've been just trying to get help. I've been seeking help," Marshall said. "I've been talking with doctors since I've been in the NFL. No one has ever helped me. So I was praying there was a treatment out there for what I suffered from and there was."

Brandon Marshall Picture

Said Mary Zanarini - the professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School who treated Marshall this summer - to The South Florida Sun-Sentinel: "BPD is a well understood psychological disorder. It's not a form of misbehavior."

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