Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip: Live on Good Morning America!

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Nicki Minaj made the Wardrobe Malfunction Hall of Fame this morning.

The singer, performing live on Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series in New York City's Central Park, saw her breast spill on out of her top.


Reactions came fast and furious to the Nicki Minaj nipple slip, which aired live on the East Coast (lucky!!!!), but was edited out for other time zones.

The Parents Television Council blasted GMA, saying the whole thing could have been prevented with a five-second tape delay. Wishful thinking?

The nip slip occurred when Minaj's cropped green sports bra slid down as she jumped up and down singing her latest single "Where Dem Girls At."

She brushed it off, only to have it occur again later.

Watch videos of Nicki Minaj performing "Moment 4 Life" and "Super Bass" after the jump and keep your eyes peeled for the scandalous displays:

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I think no I fucking mean people in this hole damn world need to grow up it's was jus a fucking Bobby slip I mean Janet Jackson had it now stop being retard and grow the he'll up damn yall people need God and. Jesus.


@khalid im pretty damn sure you wont see this but i need to ask it. how immature can you get? learn to spell to. and how do you know your going to be famous. probably just some 14 year old bitch who cant amount to anything and thinks that she can do what ever the hell they want. im pretty damn sure your a no talent whore that thinks just because she is "pretty" (which you're probably not)that she can do anything. just shut the fuck up and stop being so damn immature.


what the hell is wrong with having a "nip slip" now my kids know that women have breast and nipples oh wow now they are traumatized for life. people are fucking dumbasses now. grow some damn balls and embrace the real fucking world.


Like chill boii why yall violatin nicki like all she tryin to do is put on a good show for all her fans and the media wanna try nd violate her soo like yall better not have ruined her good spirit cuz if yall did when im famous ill kick ur asses yer herd boii


Who cares...parents need to take the stick out of their asses. Kids don't even watch the show.


Why are americans so immature when it comes to nudity?! Puritanical hypocrites... You all embarrass me and you embarrass yourselves. Nudity, oh no!!! Grow up. Children have more maturity than adults in this country.


You... really don't understand sarcasm, do you?


Why does she have to sound like a man during some points of the song? She looks drunk.


when i first saw the photo, i thought, "why do they have a picture of a barbie doll singing" i really thought she was the plastic doll.


@peter; grow some balls and shut up