Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip: Live on Good Morning America!

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Nicki Minaj made the Wardrobe Malfunction Hall of Fame this morning.

The singer, performing live on Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series in New York City's Central Park, saw her breast spill on out of her top.


Reactions came fast and furious to the Nicki Minaj nipple slip, which aired live on the East Coast (lucky!!!!), but was edited out for other time zones.

The Parents Television Council blasted GMA, saying the whole thing could have been prevented with a five-second tape delay. Wishful thinking?

The nip slip occurred when Minaj's cropped green sports bra slid down as she jumped up and down singing her latest single "Where Dem Girls At."

She brushed it off, only to have it occur again later.

Watch videos of Nicki Minaj performing "Moment 4 Life" and "Super Bass" after the jump and keep your eyes peeled for the scandalous displays:

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I think nicki minaj is amazing keep doin what ur doing things happen


@LarryFDog you mean COMMENTS by drop-outs? Anyway she's hot. As fuck. If you put on a low-cut bra and jump around with huge boobs, chances are they're gonna pop out. Just saying. Maybe she needed the extra hype.


I'm no prude ppl, but it's about standards and pride in being American. If this is ok, if your children see this as cool, picture your teen-age daughter walking down the street with her nipples saying "howdy stranger". Pretty cool huh? Use your heads ppl. What's next, male rappers in boxers with the accidental dong slip? Just one more thing: go back to school! I'm sooo tired of reading comment by drop-outs.


You got to give her credit. At least she sounds the same live as she does on tracks and isn't dubbed the sh!t out of like other artists like katy perry. I dont really like her rap, but i love her chorus on super bass - rap isnt my thing


So what??? i mean dat can happen nobody died so i mean so what??? if u ask me i tink dats STUPID ppl just want sumting to bad mouth nicki wth. NICKI NICKI 4EVER!!!! F*** HATERZ!!!


You're just great luv ya music takecare dont let dat pull u down


nicki wow how come you are like my best and you f*****d up wow


What's the big deal? I mean, she had to do something to get you to listen to that shit she was "singing".


wht wl it tk ds crazy stars of nowadays to dress decently?are'nt they suppose to be role models?


People need to grow up, it's just a nipple. Kids are allowed to watch violent films with heads being severed and limbs being torn off, yet they can't even show a naked breast in a stupid R13 movie? Crazy, no wonder the world is full of maniacs and serial killers. Give the world a titty, not a gun :P