Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip: Live on Good Morning America!

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Nicki Minaj made the Wardrobe Malfunction Hall of Fame this morning.

The singer, performing live on Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series in New York City's Central Park, saw her breast spill on out of her top.


Reactions came fast and furious to the Nicki Minaj nipple slip, which aired live on the East Coast (lucky!!!!), but was edited out for other time zones.

The Parents Television Council blasted GMA, saying the whole thing could have been prevented with a five-second tape delay. Wishful thinking?

The nip slip occurred when Minaj's cropped green sports bra slid down as she jumped up and down singing her latest single "Where Dem Girls At."

She brushed it off, only to have it occur again later.

Watch videos of Nicki Minaj performing "Moment 4 Life" and "Super Bass" after the jump and keep your eyes peeled for the scandalous displays:

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I wish people would just lay off Nicki!!! I would rather see this than 15 guns !!!


Nicki dont listen too those bummy non swagger haters because they just want to be the smart pretty barbie just like u lol I can rap!!!!!!!!!!!


I think nicki haters r dumm!!!!!! But anyways nicki keep up the work


nicki i want to be a raper just like u o if u see this text back so we can talk k


nicki omg yur nipple snaped so the hates that talk say dont hate on me head yu gave drake a lap dacne wow lol


The Parents Television Council needs to GTFO.
Poor Nicki. Next time wear a bra.


Fuck all Nikki Minaj Haterzzzz! Jealous azz bitches can't admit when someone outshines the vets in this case Lil Kim.Lol!


haha every single one of u haters are soooo dumb. youre going to what take ur gucci flip flops and smack her with one.....LMFAO and ur talking nasty shit yet u still fill the need to say oh kids are watching......well kids are reading too. Also the fact that ur promoting Lil Kim when her stank ass is vulgar! oh god. think before u type. Oh and jealousy aint cute okay. Kim just jealous cause Nicki did the barbie theme better. Nicki is more talented too he rhymes her flow and her gorgeous singing voice Lil kim cant sing for shit! Nicki is more talented and thats whys shes made. Got off Young Money! They got the goods. Oh and who cares if Nicki cant so yall say fight.....shes got class and lil kim uhhhh just the trash.


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