Nick Lachey: Trying to Knock Up Vanessa Minnillo!

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Look, Nick Lachey knows he's 37. He knows the pressure is on. And he's giving it to new wife Vanessa Minnillo as often as possible.

So far, though, the unprotected sex is yet to lead to a child.

"Trust me, it would make me very happy," Lachey told E! News of procreating. "Family is very important. It's very important to us, and I'm sure that will be around the corner."

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Hammering home the point that she's getting hammered every night, Minnilo updated her Twitter page soon after getting married on July 15 to include "wifey by night" and "wannabe mommy all the time."

How is married life treating the couple? Just dandy, says Lachey:

"We're still in the honeymoon period. Not much changed, which, for me, is a good thing. We've been together five years. We were very comfortable in our relationship before the marriage."

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I don't usually watch "The Hollywood Gossip" but i saw Nick make the announcement on Live with Kelly this morning, and i wanted to read this. Sorry i did! This trash-talk article is an embarassment to Nick and Vanessa and certainly to me and obviously, alot of other readers. Your disgusting terms are offensive and show the total lack of respect and talent for writing any article for public viewing. Hilton Hater, you should be fired and made to apologize to this classy and totally dignified couple that you disrespected! I will never read or look at this "Gossip" rag again.


Well Mr. or Ms. Hater if only someone wouldn't have knock up your mother, we all wouldn't be reading this trash of an article now would we. Your father has go t to be the most hated son of a bitch ever. After all look what he produced. A bag of shit that smells like the same rotten odor that comes from between your mothers legs. I really hope someone knocks you, like right in the head and knock out all the mushy raisins you have for brains. You are a parasite!!!! The biggest STD walking the face of the earth.


Still liked Nick and Jessica together; kind of sad they are having babies with new partners.


Te lo dije Nick vannesa tiene un celebro de pollo. Lamentablemente tomastes una decisión incorrecta al casaste con ella. KNOW COUT...!!!


Knocked up!!! Hammered? There married now and want to have a kids.
Unprotected sex? It sounds like they might get an STD.
This are responsible adults and can have all the unprotected sex they want. Duuhhh! Why trash them like that?


So glad to see others here dislike the article too. I had to comment that I am really disappointed in an era when marriages fail so often that we have a couple here genuinely trying for a baby and the writer talks about them using trashy terminology. Have some respect.


Poorly written article.


Knock up us a disgusting term.

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The Man is a Stud Muffin Nick Lachey is the former husband of Jessica Simpson. He's now dating Vanessa Minnillo and appears to be a down to earth fella. We like... More »
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[on Jessica Simpson's weight gain] I can't believe it's this big of a story and people are making such a huge deal about it. I'm never ceased to be amazed by people's reactions to things.

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I wish her nothing but the best, and I hope she's happy - whatever size that comes in.

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