New Breaking Dawn Photos: Jacob vs. Rosalie! Bella's Wedding Day! More!

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The newly-released Breaking Dawn poster? Kinda hot.

The just-released slew of new Breaking Dawn photos? Totally and completely awesome!

In the following photo montage, courtesy of Summit Entertainment, we bear witness to: Jacob staring down Rosalie, Edward and Bella cuddling up on their honeymoon, Edward in a speedboat, Bella in ecstasy and the pre-wedding preparation for what the Breaking Dawn trailer dubs "the event that will change everything."

Click on each image below for a larger version...

Wedding Prep
  • Speedboat Scene
  • Jacob vs. Rosalie
  • Thrilled Bella
  • Edward and Bella on Their Honeymoon
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jacob............ i love u so much....


wish u all the best


That movie is amazing!


So excited!


breaking dawn is very very fantastic


Kristen hugging Rob's leg is my fave!!