Nanny on Angelina Jolie: We Live in Fear!!

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Angelina Jolie is the Ice Queen.

That's according to a former nanny, quoted by In Touch, in the celeb gossip rag's cover story this week. The nanny who tells all does have a name - Krisann Morel - although she may be a fabrication of the editors there.

After all, we've seen versions of this 20 times before:

The Nanny Tells All

Life with Angelina Jolie: Chaotic. Cruel. Controlled.

Come on. We have no problem believing that Angelina Jolie wears the pants in her relationship with Brad Pitt. But why the fascination with her "evil" persona?

Say what you will about the actress, we find it a little hard to believe that she drives people to tears ... unless we're talking about Brad's mystery woman, that is.

Apparently she also stages photos, too. We feel so used.


angelina jolie found a book written by a foreign man , she turned the book into a movie and is claiming it as her own work . she did not write it in 2 days while in a attic. she found it and copied it and now is selling it . the book is "the soul shattering " by Mr. james braddock pass it on


I agree with Rank's comments. Aniston got herself a lot of money and I believe buys everything including the tabloid garbage. The only movie I own of hers is Office Space. The guys in it were funny. Not going to bother to go see any of her new movies but then again the costars are usually very good. People give Angelina Jolie a lot of bad raps because they wish they could at least look like her. Her and Brad are still two of my favorite actors. Hope they don't break up.


You just can't get good help these days, there seem to be more nannies as alleged sources that days in the year. Angelina is enigmatic, intelligent, incomparably beautiful...but ice queen, no she's not the evil demon people portray her to be. Still a bit of a wild child at heart but channelling her energy in constructive ways. As for aniston trying to get pregnant, it's like watching animal kingdom, geez get on with it or admit the horse has bolted, so sick of anything to do with JA, such an ordinary, suferficial person whose real claim to fame is a failed marriage and the fascinatingly delictable partner of her ex.


Angelina Jolie wears the pants in her relationship with Brad Pitt
this is not true, is another stupid gossip, ted casablanca is pathetic


Out of Touch must really Angelina jolie. They are really the only trash magazine left besides ok mag that constantly make up the same patheic lies and stories. They seem to try there best to make money off them but any sane person wouldnt waste 3 or 4 dollars on trash.


I just bought a FAMOUS magazine with "we're done" on the cover re Ange and Brad. Then inside it says "the couple COULD be heading for a split." it also says with a photo of Jen Aniston "yes i'm pregnant" and inside it says "jen finally pregnant?" God, I am sick of these magazines printing shiz on the cover only to back down inside. When are there going to be laws about this sort of thing. I will not be buying another copy.

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